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The Mediterranean Brahma Lamp by Pedret Lighting

When I visited the Cersaie tile show in Bologna, Italy a few years back, we went to Venice for a day to see how hand-crafted mosaic tiles were made. The artisan workshop of Orsoni felt old-fashioned and full of life, buzzing with vintage memories and colorful pieces of glass tile in all imaginable shades. Just a stone’s throw away, in Barcelona, the Pedret Lighting workshop hums with a similar energy as the craftspeople create hand-cast porcelain shades for the new Brahma lamp - and their entire lighting collection.

Brahma lamp. Designed by Jordi Blasi. Manufactured by Pedret Lighting.

Sleek Porcelain Shades with Brass Hang Like a Modern Chandelier in the Brahma Lamp

Priding themselves in a hard work ethic and major differences in language and culture from the rest of Spain, the Catalans of the northeastern Catalunya region are known as a very unique ethnic group. Designer Jordi Blasi and Pedret Lighting are no exception. Including porcelain as their key ingredient to Blasi’s Brahma lighting fixture that includes the brilliance of brass, its weighted quality and modern horizontal feel proves itself extraordinary.

Brahma lamp. Designed by Jordi Blasi. Manufactured by Pedret Lighting.

Classified as a hanging lamp or pendant lamp, but easily falling into the chandelier category, the brand new Brahma lamp also uses the hand-cast porcelain shades in a separate wall, floor or table version.

Brahma lamp. Designed by Jordi Blasi. Manufactured by Pedret Lighting.

Its frame supports the multiple shades as they splay out equidistant from the next, creating what may seem like a fan of gleaming porcelain pieces from below.

Brahma lamp. Designed by Jordi Blasi. Manufactured by Pedret Lighting.

Heavily demure with the high quality of Catalan design, the brass and porcelain Brahma lamp by Jordi Blasi for Pedret Lighting sets the dining or living area stage with the flip of a switch.

via Design Sponge.

About the Designer: Creating designed objects was a passion of Antonio Pedret’s back when he started his Pedret Lighting factory in Spain in the late 1950’s. The works of art he creates as masterpiece lighting fixtures combines the methods he was taught as a young man with the developments we see today. From one piece of porcelain to the next, they’re slightly different - noting the craftsmanship of handmade design based right on the Mediterranean.

Posted April 27th, 2012 by Sonja Hall

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