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Say It Loud with 3form’s HighRes Customized Translucent Panels

As if pioneering a new, sustainable, and architecturally impressive option to glass weren’t achievement enough, manufacturer 3form continues to devise new, exciting ways to put said material to use. 3form’s Varia panels and the Varia Ecoresin Sliding Doors are a couple, and here’s another: 3form’s HighRes customized high resolution digital imagery.

HighRes Translucent Panel. Manufactured by 3form.

3form’s HighRes Panels Showcase Stunning Custom Images

HighRes Translucent Panel. Manufactured by 3form.

The new product “showcases premium quality imagery for translucent panels”—a feast for the eyes of any aficionado of big, bold aesthetic statements, but also for those connoisseurs of the right material for the right application, as the HighRes process lends itself not only to Ecoresin, but also to Chroma, Koda XT, or Pressed Glass.

HighRes Translucent Panel. Manufactured by 3form.

All of these offer the tantalizing option of a wall-sized image of any scene your heart might desire—from a field of fiery red Tulips to a towering reproduction of the Brooklyn Bridge—in addition to a variety of functional features that may recommend one over the other, depending on the application.

HighRes Translucent Panel. Manufactured by 3form.

Choose Varia Ecoresin for fire performance and formability, Chroma for monolithic installations requiring enhanced luminosity, Koda XT for Exterior installations, and Pressed Glass for Superior rigidity.

HighRes Translucent Panel. Manufactured by 3form.

Once you’ve decided on the particular function you wish 3form’s HighRes to fulfill, you’ll need to nail down the imagery. HighRes enables photorealistic reproductions (up to 300 DPI) on large panels in your choice of any design you wish, yet the company also offers a portfolio of impressively panoramic images in their Nature Scene series. Choose ultra-realistic renditions of the great outdoors in such categories as verdant Reeds and Greens, vibrant Buds and Blossoms, or the severe yet beautiful aesthetic of Sticks and Stones.

Via otto.

About the Manufacturer: 3form cites multiple sources of inspiration in their rising trajectory as a leading manufacturer of innovative materials: committed people, breakthrough products, and a better planet. The first refers to their unparalleled team of designers, materials engineers, and architects; the second references achievements in lightweight, durable, and sustainable materials like Varia Ecoresin; and the third encapsulates 3form’s pledge to go green—to use renewable sources for power production, to employ reclaimed and recycled materials in the production stream,  and to incorporate features that help earn LEED points in a variety of categories.

Posted April 5th, 2012 by Joseph Starr

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