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Turning Bath Time Into Play Time: Lesson 1 by Sonia

If you have kids, know kids, or were once a kid, then you know that the bathroom is a very special place for little humans. In the first place, the scale of the bathroom is quite inviting for mini people--it’s a space they can own. I know this firsthand, because as a child, I was obsessed with bathrooms. Everywhere I went with my family, I insisted on paying a visit to the bathroom. I didn’t do anything in there except look around, but I came to know all the bathrooms in all the restaurants we ever went to. I could have told you which ones were clean, which ones were groovy, which ones were ordinary, and so on. Had it been a different decade, I might have developed my own app, rating bathrooms from a child’s perspective.

Lesson 1. Manufactured by Sonia.

Lesson 1. Manufactured by Sonia.

Spanish company Sonia acknowledges the special appeal that this small room holds for children with Lesson 1, part of their KIDS collection. Fun, funky, and educational, Lesson 1 aims to provide play time in the bathroom--and teach kids something or two about hygiene in the process.

Colorful Toy Box/Step Stool is a Great Fit for Kids Bathrooms

Lesson 1. Manufactured by Sonia.

The idea behind KIDS is as special as the design: “Smart looks, human gestures, trusting innocence, infinite spaces, endless colors.” Lesson 1 is a great example of Sonia’s philosophy, since it takes into account the needs and wants of “the little characters in house.” The cabinet offers a place for children to draw (and erase and redraw) and to display magnets (these include crazy monsters brushing their teeth). Lesson 1 comes with its own stool, a little toy box that doubles as a seat and booster. The collection also includes a tilting mirror, so kids can see themselves no matter how small they may be.

Lesson 1. Manufactured by Sonia.

Other accessories in Lesson 1 keep essential items within reach of little hands--hanging pencil/toothbrush cups, flat shelves for shampoo and bubble baths, compartmentalized drawers for towels and rubber duckies. With Lesson 1 by Sonia, there’s no need to shrink bath furniture down to accommodate children--the KIDS line is designed specifically for munchkins, from their size to their needs (desires too)!

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About the Manufacturer: Sonia is a Spanish bathroom design firm based in Valencia. For more than 20 years, the company has been creating and distributing bath products. In 1999, the company established Sonia America; currently, it distributes to more than 70 countries. Sonia believes that the bathroom “is a micro world within households and this micro world behaves and defines in a thousand ways, depending on the culture.” Therefore, the company investigates what different countries desire in the bathroom.
Posted March 14th, 2012 by Alicita Rodriguez


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