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The Multiple Marvelous Permutations of OOO My Design’s GVAL Chair

One part Russian Doll and one part Wiggle Chair, the new GVAL Chair by Spanish design firm OOO My Design, is both an homage to that eternal icon of multiplied shapes, as well as the design motif of layered laminates. But beyond that, the piece is extraordinarily good-looking: the laminated ply incorporates multiple textures and tones, giving the GVAL chair textural as well as visual interest.

GVAL Chair. Designed and Manufactured by OOO My Design.

OOO My Design’s GVAL Chair is Three Pieces in One

And like the proverbial Russian Doll, GVAL is a nested piece that houses two smaller pieces—offspring, doppelganger, homunculi, call them what you will—which offer a whole package of enhanced functionality.

The largest of the three items that constitute GVAL is a sinuously sculptured bentwood chair in the shape of a rounded trapezoid. Its corners are so subtly curved that at first glance it looks like the most inventive rocking chair this side of Vladivostok.

GVAL Chair. Designed and Manufactured by OOO My Design.

The above impression gives the piece an enhanced cerebral appeal, yet the principal reason for GVAL’s rounded base is to mirror the shape of the additional components that reside within. Simply slide them out and you’re presented with your choice of either dual footrests or a second chair.

Chair #2—the mirror image of the exterior component—is formed by simply stacking the two smaller pieces one atop the other. If that sounds confusing, you’re better off taking a visual gander at GVAL to understand how it all fits together, or, even better, exploring this innovative furnishing’s iconic ethos and tactile delights in person.

GVAL Chair. Designed and Manufactured by OOO My Design.

The GVAL chair comes highly recommended by no less an authority than the judges of the Making Chairs category of the international competition Art On Chairs awarded by the Paredes Center of Furniture Design, where GVAL recently took home top accolades.

Via MocoLoco.

About the Manufacturer: Spain’s OOO My Design has more going it for than the captivating capitalized letters of its clever name. It also has a consortium of exciting, talented young designers like Vanesa Moreno, Gustavo Reboredo, Louis Sicard, and Nenad Katic, who recently collaborated on the intriguing and highly functional GVAL chair, as well as other equally visionary pieces like the inventive and versatile Cassette is Not Dead collection.
Posted March 19th, 2012 by Joseph Starr


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