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Mr. and Mrs. Birdie Nest Boxes by Desinature

Any A&D product introducing itself with the descriptor “particularly suited for robins, wrens, and pied wagtails,” easily rates high on the curiosity quotient, particularly when it comes flat-packed in the mail and light enough, for, well, a carrier pigeon to transport. Those with an appreciation for this and like bird metaphors will naturally gravitate to these self-assembly Mr. and Mrs. Birdee nest boxes made by Desinature.

Mr. and Mrs. Birdee Nest Boxes. Designed by Desinature.

The Mr. and Mrs. Birdee Nest Boxes are an Eco-Friendly Set of Birdhouses for the New Millennium

His and Hers Nest Boxes. Designed by Desinature.

To hear Love Eco tell it, the green building movement doesn’t end with the needs of Homo Sapiens, but rather extends to those of avian disposition too. The Mr. and Mrs. Birdee nest boxes evince some very thoughtful green touches as they carve out a space for “birds to raise a family in your own garden.”

His and Hers Nest Boxes. Designed by Desinature.

The easy-to-assemble birdhouses feature lightweight birch ply from FSC certified sources. The material arrives in flat sheets, but a simple soak in water loosens it up enough to bend it into a cylinder and fasten the two ends together, then, voila!—Mr. and Mrs. Birdee have a new abode in which to nurture their latest flock.

His and Hers Nest Boxes. Designed by Desinature.

No doubt the aforementioned robins and wrens will be drawn to the nest boxes’ intuitively organic shape, its smart use of space, its thorough updating of the classical birdhouse motif. Without question, the Mr. and Mrs. Birdee nest boxes bring good design to the formerly rarefied terrain of bower and branch.

Via LoveEco.

About the Designer: Designer Etienne Esmenjaud and UK-based firm Desinature begin every project with a wonderful constraint: “use responsibly sourced, sustainable materials;  support manufacturing in the UK by people who share our values and our commitment; use recycled packaging and clever flat-packing.” Starting from that baseline of ecological consciousness, Desinature reliably creates smart and sustainable products with a distinctive and appealing aesthetic. The company’s product line includes lampshades, birdhouses, and clever home accessories.
Posted March 26th, 2012 by Joseph Starr

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