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I’m Hooked: Dropit by Normann Copenhagen

Danish design firm Normann Copenhagen says that they have an opinion. Though they don’t specify exactly what this purported position pertains to or portends, one surmises that it colors everything they do, whether big or small, whether concerning all the choices throughout an entire residence, or the barest detail of a simple hook on the wall. In point of fact, the latter is the subject of this post, as Normann Copenhagen’s Dropit Hook evinces every inch the thought of a seemingly larger aspiration.

Dropit Hook. Designed by Asshoff & Brogård. Manufactured by Normann Copenhagen.

Asshoff & Brogård’s Dropit Hook is a Beautiful and Versatile Adornment

Dropit Hook. Designed by Asshoff & Brogård. Manufactured by Normann Copenhagen.

To the above I might add that it’s extraordinarily functional as well. With its shape like an exquisite teardrop, Dropit provides the pinpoint accuracy of a sharpened stick, without the incipient danger posed by that particular accoutrement.

Dropit Hook. Designed by Asshoff & Brogård. Manufactured by Normann Copenhagen.

That’s a long way of saying that Dropit does what it’s supposed to—hang coats, hats, umbrellas, gloves, what have you... with elegant aplomb. And for those of you who doubt or disparage the use of “elegant” in the description of a simple coat hook, I’d merely direct you to the captivating imagery on Normann Copenhagen’s website.

Dropit Hook. Designed by Asshoff & Brogård. Manufactured by Normann Copenhagen.

Indeed, Dropit not only resembles a teardrop, it also suggests the gyroscopic oscillations of a single drop of rain as it falls to earth. Even better—as more than one chocoholic might attest—Dropit is an arguable facsimile of that enduring icon of confectionary delights, the Hershey’s Kiss. Whatever Dropit reminds you of, there’s no arguing that it serves its purpose well, and looks darn good doing it too: “Dropit, a simple wooden coat hook... a small piece of art on the wall.”

Via Contemporist.

About the Manufacturer: Normann Copenhagen is opinionated about what constitutes a good product. The formula might briefly be summarized as one part aesthetic innovation and one part high function. If that sounds vague, simply take a gander at the company’s compelling product offerings, as useful and attractive home accessories like their Folding Funnel, their Grass Vase, and their Cable-Concealing Dog provide the proof in the pudding for this forward-thinking firm.
Posted March 22nd, 2012 by Joseph Starr


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