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Hop, Skip, & Jump: Harvest Hare by Mark Herald for St. Jude’s

St. Jude’s fabrics and wallpapers turn the work of visual artists into textiles and wallcoverings. The UK company highlights the individual artists behind each design, giving credit where credit is due. One such artist is Mark Herald, who studied illustration at Glasgow College of Art and later completed a graduate degree in Natural History Illustration at the Royal College of Art. His attention to detail is evident in the flora and fauna depicted in his Harvest Hare wallcovering—it seems as if the title mammals might hop right out of their wallpaper and into your home.

Harvest Hare wallpaper. Designed by Mark Herald. Manufactured by St. Jude’s.

Wallpaper Celebrates Flora and Fauna

Harvest Hare wallpaper. Designed by Mark Herald. Manufactured by St. Jude’s.

Harvest Hare is a single-color wallpaper available in Blue Slate and Corn. Printed at 52 cm wide (approximately 20”) on 10m rolls (32’), Harvest Hare covers walls in a whimsical bucolic scene of hares and birds against a field of leaves and wheat stalks. The hare takes center stage in Herald’s design—the creature is captured in motion, pictured diagonally in mid-jump. Based on an original linocut by the artist/designer, Harvest Hare reflects the hand-printed elements of the original. The wallpaper itself depicts the beauty of positive and negative space (you can almost see the relief surface)—a contrast that is especially evident in the medium.

Harvest Hare wallpaper. Designed by Mark Herald. Manufactured by St. Jude’s.

Harvest Hare is refined enough for a dignified dining room; the Blue Slate has the elegance of Wedgwood (without the formal connotations). The pattern is also playful enough for a charming child’s room; the Corn has the cheery glow of sunflowers (without the overpowering brightness). Given that Mark Herald is the illustrator of an upcoming children’s book published by Walker Books, this choice seems quite fitting. In Corn, Harvest Hare may be the uplifting version of “The Yellow Wallpaper”—sure to improve your mood.

Harvest Hare wallpaper. Designed by Mark Herald. Manufactured by St. Jude’s.

Via Design Sponge.

About the Manufacturer: St. Jude’s produces an eclectic collection of fabrics and wallpapers. Founded in 2005 by Simon & Angie Lewin, the company began by translating two of Angie Lewin’s art prints into textiles. Since then, St. Jude’s has worked with various artists to turn their work into fabrics and wallcoverings. Unlike other textile manufacturers, St. Jude’s encourages artists to be involved in the production process—and gives credit to the individuals. The company maintains two studios, one in Norfolk, England and another in Morayshire, Scotland. All St. Jude’s products are manufactured in Britain.
Posted March 8th, 2012 by Alicita Rodriguez

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