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“Bon” Chance: Living Table by MDC Interiors

Anyone familiar with the Japanese art of Bonsai will surely know that the word comes from bon for tray and sai for planting. Traditionally, the miniature plants are arranged in low pots. These bon let the twisting, curving, organic shapes of the pruned trees come to life as the real focal point. Imagine incorporating one of these shallow vessels into a large piece of furniture--what a showcase a grander scale would provide for the little living tree! This is exactly what Atlanta-based MDC Interiors has done with their Living Table, a concrete table that comes with its own cut-out shape that's intended "for live foliage."

Living Table. Manufactured by MDC Interiors.

Living Table Incorporates Bonsai Bowl

Living Table measures 49" x 16" x 32" high, which makes it a table for many uses and occasions. Place it in a foyer as a console table. If you're successful with your planting, then the greenery that greets you when you arrive home should brighten your day. Use it as a dining table or island in an open kitchen. Especially in lofts, Living Table will help tame the industrial look with its little green island. For retail stores or offices, Living Table will grant workers just enough flora to improve one's mood, so you can whistle while you work.

Living Table. Manufactured by MDC Interiors.

Living Table is only one of the offerings created by MDC Inteiors, a design company dedicated to sustainable furniture. Many of their unique pieces use reclaimed wood and eco-friendly materials, since they are hoping to reduce our carbon footprint. Like Living Table, other tables created by MDC Interiors are intended to house plants and foliage--so the green message is both literal and figurative.

Via Inhabitat.

About the Manufacturer: MDC Interiors is committed to eco-friendly design solutions for residential and commercial spaces. From faux finishing to furniture, the company's scope is broad. Founded in 2004 in Atlanta, MDC Interiors seeks to "stimulate environmental responsibilty while inspiring the creative usage of renewable materials." Their line of custom furniture combines functionality with artistry to produce one-of-a-kind pieces.

Posted March 21st, 2012 by Alicita Rodriguez

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