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Big Chill is Back with the Ravishing Retropolitan Refrigerator

If you could choose anything, what comestible would you elect to fill up the interior of your “Big Chill”? For fans of the Lawrence Kasdan-directed college reunion film, the answer might be the uncredited outtakes starring Kevin Costner, but for those of more literal inclination, the answer is likely to be more within the realm of an entire side of beef. For even in the slimmed-down incarnation of Big Chill’s new Retropolitan model, the fridge boasts a copious quantity of interior space.

Retropolitan. Designed and Manufactured by Big Chill.

Big Chill’s Retropolitan Refrigerator is Retro Chic without the Curves

The Retropolitan represents a logical evolution in Big Chill’s product portfolio. Famed for the cavernous interiors and overt 50s vibe of the 20.9 cubic foot “Original,” Big Chill concocted the Retropolitan as a thoughtful response to customer input. Though the Original has been enormously successful, some purveyors of Big Chill’s brand of colorful throwbacks expressed a desire for “more Jetsons and less Donna Reed.”

Retropolitan. Designed and Manufactured by Big Chill.

The contemporary interpretation of this somewhat fanciful critique is, according to company co-founder and product designer Orion Creamer, “getting rid of the curves that screamed 50s, but keeping lots of chrome... a lot of our customers were telling us, we’re getting your fridge because your the only ones who make orange.”

Retropolitan. Designed and Manufactured by Big Chill.

So in with the Retropolitan’s tempting, tantalizing panoply of vivid colors: Beach Blue, Black, Buttercup Yellow, Cherry Red, and more; and out with the curvy profile. The Retropolitan offers clean contemporary lines and chrome handles that are slim and smart as a whip.

Retropolitan. Designed and Manufactured by Big Chill.

A look inside reveals the kind of modern infrastructure that facilitates 2012’s requisite organization. Retropolitan not only boasts a spacious bottom slide-out freezer, but also an interior box by Amana, a heavy-gauge steel “skin,” and a powder-coated paint finish. In addition to the eight stock shades, Big Chill offers over 200 custom colors. Customers may choose either right or left side openings for doors.

About the Manufacturer: At the dawn of the new millennium designer Orion Creamer and his uncle Thom Vernon decided to bring the refrigerator out of hiding and back into the same public purview it enjoyed circa 1950: “The ubiquitous stainless steel appliances weren’t the right fit and we wanted to steer clear of the dreaded white box.” The result was the original Big Chill—a colorful retro design that duplicated the 50s vibe within the context of contemporary functionality. Today, Big Chill boasts an entire line-up of colorful, vintage style appliances, including dishwashers and stoves: “With its stamped metal body (magnet friendly!), real chrome trim, and unique styling, the Big Chill fridge is unparalleled in the marketplace. The interior boasts all the modern amenities.”
Posted March 26th, 2012 by Joseph Starr

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