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At Jardins, Jardin 2012: Ariane by Emilie Colin Garros

As part of Jardins, Jardin, the Parisian garden exhibition that celebrates “the art of living in the garden,” designer Emilie Colin Garros created Ariane, a modular system for hanging gardens. Taking place from June 1 through June 3, 2012, the ninth edition of Jardins, Jardin features an urban gardens exhibit with micro-gardens. Ariane helps anyone establish their own miniature wall garden.

Ariane. Designed by Emilie Colin Garros.

Modular Wall System Creates Hanging Micro-Gardens

The pieces in Ariane by Colin Garros are geometric, with linear branches shooting from one another to sometimes create octagons. Modular and easy to snap together, the Ariane system lets you form freeform hanging gardens. Like a spider’s web, Ariane grows beautifully and exponentially, spinning out green shoots and leaves from its sublime frame.

Ariane. Designed by Emilie Colin Garros.

French designer Emilie Colin Garros likes to work quickly—she “hates slowliness and inertia.” You can see this impulse at work in Ariane, which allows anyone to establish a personal garden rather quickly. Ariane lets users get green and get moving.

Ariane. Designed by Emilie Colin Garros.

Via Tree Hugger.

About the Designer: Emilie Colin Garros lives and works in both Paris and Dijon, where she was born. She studied object and furniture design in Barcelona and Reims and now works as a freelance designer. Currently working on a collection of stools, benches, tables, and luminaries, Colin Garros maintains a dual approach to design: creativity and collaboration. Instead of working for a French corporation (which are “quite chilly”), Colin Garros conceptualizes projects within her “own creation context,” so she can achieve “innovation zones born from the unique impulsion of the designer.” The designer also likes to collaborate, especially “in the development of a more technical approach towards materials and fabrication techniques.” In these cases, she works with craftsmen in other fields, so they can exchange information and ideas.
Posted March 27th, 2012 by Alicita Rodriguez

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