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Perfect Pendants of Gorgeous Glass: Three Fixtures by Charles Loomis

Those familiar with my posts know that I love a good theme. They also might have discerned that I have a surpassing devotion for certain epochs that influenced the trajectory of A&D. Lastly, there’s a chance they’ve realized that I house a definite weak spot for various formal references. Just so, designer Charles Loomis’ stunning glass pendant lights have the potential to satisfy this personal trifecta—in no particular order, the trinity of Organza, Dahlia, and Bijoux are tailor-made for my admiration.

Organza Pendant Lamp. Designed and Manufactured by Charles Loomis.

The Organza, Dahlia, and Bijoux Pendant Lamps Feature Fabulous Forms in Frosted Glass

As an enduring icon of the bells of matrimony, organza fabric evokes the diaphanous sheen, the mysterious semi-transparency, the sumptuous ceremony of the wedding vow. In conceiving of the Organza lamp, Loomis called on all of that as well as his own emotional involvement in his daughter’s wedding: “a marriage of radiance and elegance...   kiln formed diffusers encase brilliant bubbles, and tiers of crystal clear glass are defined by luminous outlines of light.”

Organza Pendant Lamp. Designed and Manufactured by Charles Loomis.

Dahlia, for its part, calls on the beauteous blossoms of this ostensibly circular flower, whose contours only reveal their intricacies upon intensive exploration. Like its namesake, Loomis’ Dahlia pendant features a profusion of perfectly synchronous petals: “fabricated in different sizes and colors for clients worldwide, it is sensational!”

Organza Pendant Lamp. Designed and Manufactured by Charles Loomis.

Lastly, Bijoux, which is the French word for “jewels,” is made from 10 panels of translucent rippled glass, each joined at the ends. The pattern leaves just enough space between each panel to let in the surrounding atmosphere, thus duplicating the effect of light passing through a perfectly faceted prism: “its simple classic profile and incredible glass make Bijoux an elegant gem of glimmering glass.”

About the Manufacturer: The captivating glass fixtures created by designer Charles Loomis are aesthetically compelling and superlatively functional. “Lustrous decorative fixtures” that grace the ceilings and light the surrounds of some of the world’s finest hotels, resorts, and restaurants, a lightpiece by Charles Loomis signifies the highest level of craftsmanship, the finest materials, and the most intensive quality control. Charles Loomis fixtures can be found in five Star International Hotels and Office Towers in Bangkok, Guam, Hong Kong, Kuwait, South Africa, Mexico, Dubai, and multiple locations throughout the U.S.
Posted February 13th, 2012 by Joseph Starr

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