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No Ordinary Lamp: Breathtaking Light Structures by Ayala Serfaty

As if pulled straight from the sea, Ayala Serfaty beckons the great blue oceanic beings in her Light Structures that illuminate spaces with graceful curves in all shapes and sizes. The Israeli-born artist is the head designer at the lighting and furniture atelier known as Aqua Creations and has been a main attraction at the show circuit throughout the world.

Lighting Structures. Designed by Ayala Serfaty. Manufactured by Aqua Creations.

Organic Shapes Bring the Lighting Structures by Ayala Serfaty to Life with Italian Glass.

Like glowing organisms that slowly sway in the ocean currents, Serfaty's structures' thin, transparent lamps use glass tubes to produce depth beneath their surface. After the interior structure is completed by specialized workshop designers, the tubes are sprayed with a clear polymer in thin strands like a beautiful lamp membrane. In the past Serfaty has used organic shapes to produce works that range from foliage to ice crystals that can be either placed on the floor or the wall as dramatic additions to modern spaces.

Lighting Structures. Designed by Ayala Serfaty. Manufactured by Aqua Creations.

Since the unique lamp forms come in various tinted shades of hand-made glass by talented artist Sergio Serra who hails from Empoli, Italy, exquisite forms come to life using the best glass-blowing techniques in the world. The individual Light Structures by Ayala Serfaty are worked on in house by a flame to get the filaments perfectly arranged.

Lighting Structures. Designed by Ayala Serfaty. Manufactured by Aqua Creations.

Taking it all into account, designer Ayala Serfaty, Aqua Creations and their converging on the gorgeous Light Structures are an example of the extent to which we can go to create pure beauty in a light fixture.

About the Designer: After graduating from the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem, Israel, designer Ayala Serfaty went to London's Middlesex Polytechnic to continue her studies. Serfaty has been invited to numerous exhibitions as a solo artist and as part of a group, not to mention the subsequent awards for her glamorous, yet nature-inspired and organic work. Now, as the head designer at Aqua Creations, she believes wants her pieces "to stimulate intimacy in our immediate environment, to be a reminder that life is a mystery and we should celebrate it as much as try to understand it."
Posted December 1st, 2011 by Sonja Hall


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