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The Organic Quality of Bornholm Kitchen Cabinets

When I realized that West African countries use the very unhealthy, difficult to digest palm oil to cook with instead of healthier, more easily digestible oils like vegetable or olive, I looked at the ingredients of everything around me here in Bamako - including the designed objects I write about. Upon further inspection, I’m now thrilled to discuss the “ingredients” that go into the green-friendly cabinets of Bornholm Kitchen.

Bornholm Cabinets. Manufactured by Bornholm Kitchen.

The Organic Scandinavian Design of Bornholm Kitchen Cabinets Capitalizes on Green Finishes.

In addition to the cabinets for the kitchen and bathroom areas made with sustainably-harvested wood, Bornholm Kitchen prides itself in its finishes with no added formaldehyde, ammonia, solvents or other toxic chemicals. Their specialty, soy-based resin finish is made from natural plant oils, natural waxes and organic pigments that are VOC-free, making them healthier to breathe in, surround ourselves with, and capitalize on maintaining an earth-friendly conscience.

“Offering modern kitchens, islands, vanities and furniture, (Bornholm Kitchen) has achieved the perfect balance of beauty, durability, longevity, a health conscious philosophy and environmentally friendly construction methods,” say the company of their philosophy and design. Created in the U.S., the Scandinavian design of the Bornholm kitchen cabinets preserves the ideal that furniture should last, and when no longer used, furniture should also be recycled. Taking it a step further, the Bornholm Kitchen factory - where the made-to-order pieces are handmade in eight weeks - was awarded the ESP (Environmental Stewardship Program) certification by the Kitchen Cabinetry Manufacturers Association (KCMA).

Bornholm Cabinets. Manufactured by Bornholm Kitchen.

Susan Serra, the President and founder of Bornholm Kitchen states, “Our renewable nature changes the definition of Bornholm from kitchen cabinet to furniture (without an expiration date), which can be treasured and held on to, even from one home to the next.”

About the Manufacturer: The Scandinavian designs of Bornholm Kitchen cabinets, islands, vanities and furniture is inspired by the island of Bornholm. Located off the coast of Denmark, this island treats you to spectacular views and authentic Danish design through and through. Their furniture is crafted using sustainable products in the United States that include toxic-free finishes and high quality wood that considers your family’s health the greatest value when it comes to furnishing the home.

Posted December 7th, 2011 by Sonja Hall

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