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Top Ten: Chrome-Finished Track Lighting

Envision the best art galleries, the best retail store displays, and some of the coolest looking home interiors and you'll find the vast majority applies track lighting finished in a cool chrome. Whether they hang low for a dramatic effect or rest against the track itself, each diffuser unit is made with the end user's industrial or elegant desires in mind. In this week's Top Ten list, we take a peek at the best of Chrome-Finished Track Lighting to ignite your senses.

Top Ten: Chrome-Finished Track Lighting.

Silver Shades of Chrome-Finished Track Lighting Bring out the Best Points of Retail, Commercial, or Residential Displays and Interiors.

1. Logico Nano
DESIGNER: Michele De Lucchi and Gerhard Reichert
PRICE: $290/ 5 diffuser units
Dimensions: n/a

For incandescent or fluorescent lighting in three, four, or five diffuser units, the Logico Nano comes in a linear or nested configuration. With handblown glass and a satin finish, the aluminum frames in matte-lacquered pale gray finishes are a subtle, but beautiful way to illuminate a space with track lighting.

Top Ten: Chrome-Finished Track Lighting.

2. FleXsion Halogen Spot
MANUFACTURER: Ardee Lighting
PRICE: Available upon request
Dimensions: 7.25"H x 3.5"D x 2.87"W

A Philips group brand, Ardee Lighting makes a wide variety of FleXsion halogen track lighting fixtures. Using various 120 volt bulbs and a bendable lighting platform with different mounting possibilities, the options for what they call "high-style, natural solutions" in lighting are endless.

Top Ten: Chrome-Finished Track Lighting.

3. Pro Track
PRICE: $200/ 6 diffuser units
Dimensions: 72"L x 14"H

The wave bar Pro Track by Lamps Plus is finished in brushed steel but uses a touch of diffused color in amber or blue to create glamorous lighting. With six fully adjustable lights, the task or general room lighting uses low, 50 Watt voltage halogen bulbs and comes with a built-in electronic transformer.

Top Ten: Chrome-Finished Track Lighting.

4. On Line Luminaire
MANUFACTURER: Lens°Ass Architecten
PRICE: Available upon request
Dimensions: n/a

"On Line is attractive, adaptable, and ultra functional, " a recent 3rings post by Joseph Starr writes. "The expandable luminaire’s component parts consist of the structural strip and three differently-sized lighting modules: flush-mount, downlight, and directional... Visitors will never fail to gawk overhead at the tantalizing texture of On Line’s serendipitous stream of LEDs."

Top Ten: Chrome-Finished Track Lighting.

5. QF 199
PRICE: $89/ diffuser unit
Dimensions: 3", 6" or 12" H (with up to 48"H drop extensions)

Featuring its "Quick connect" to WAC Lighting's AR111 lamps, the small but white, bright and spotlight-savvy pendants can drop up to 48" with an extension. The beam can angle at 4 to 45 degrees and uses a 50 Watt max bulb. The finishes of the coin-like QF 199 come in brushed nickel, chrome, or dark bronze.

Top Ten: Chrome-Finished Track Lighting.

6. Lytespan Alcyon LED
MANUFACTURER: Philips Canlyte
PRICE: Available upon request
Dimensions: varies in small and medium cylinders

A compact LED track light cylinder, the small or medium Lytespan Alcyon LED accent diffusers are solid pieces of architectural illumination with 50,000 hours of life expectancy. It can fit onto all existing Lytespan track systems with integrated active cooling.

Top Ten: Chrome-Finished Track Lighting.

7. Osaka D5230
DESIGNER: Manuel Vivian
MANUFACTURER: d'ac Lighting
PRICE: Available upon request
Dimensions: 6.5"H x 3"W

With a polished or satin chrome trim and canopy, the Osaka D5230 light fixtures have a clear glass shade that acts like a gorgeous interior pendant. Instead of serving as individual lighting, however, the pendants can also be placed onto optional track lighting for a multi-light system using 35 Watt halogen lights.

Top Ten: Chrome-Finished Track Lighting.

8. Ledra III Flex 2
MANUFACTURER: Bruck Lighting
PRICE: approx. $242/diffuser unit
Dimensions: n/a

The "gooseneck" flexibility of the Ledra III Flex 2 by Bruck Lighting uses an integral AC/DC converter to create this ultra smooth finish and beautiful bright lighting. The small beams can be used in commercial or residential track lighting applications due to its versatility and options of narrow, medium, or flood beams.

Top Ten: Chrome-Finished Track Lighting.

9. Bullet 2009B
MANUFACTURER: Eureka Lighting
PRICE: Available upon request
Dimensions: n/a

A vintage look to this Bullet 2009B sets it apart from the rest. In a track lighting, ceiling light or wall-mounted lighting fixture, Eureka Lighting pulls together their brushed chrome vision for a wide range of applications and environments.

Top Ten: Chrome-Finished Track Lighting.

10. HM-715
PRICE: $96/diffuser unit
Dimensions: 5"L x 3.6"W x 7.8"H

The lockable aiming, high performance and industrial style make the HM 715 stand out from other track lighting units. It's small silhouette comes in an abrasion-resistant platinum or bronze paint finish and can be adjusted with integral aiming indicators to light up specific retail or commercial applications.

Top Ten: Chrome-Finished Track Lighting.

Hope you enjoyed our roundup of the Top Ten Chrome-Finished Track Lighting!

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Posted November 8th, 2011 by Sonja Hall


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