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The Timeless Allure of James Hare Silk Fabrics

Perhaps you’d have to ask a silkworm or a spider to get a truly honest answer, but how many uses are there for that most luxurious of fabrics? If you ask manufacturer James Hare, the answer comes back well nigh one million. From curtains and blinds, to upholstery, to pillow covers, to wallcoverings, there’s really no limit to the application for silk—the textile of kings.

Savoy Collection of Silk Fabrics. Designed and Manufactured by James Hare.

James Hare’s New Search Functions Enable Users to Sample from Among Hundreds of Lovely Silk Fabrics

Savoy Collection of Silk Fabrics. Designed and Manufactured by James Hare.

The James Hare Collection of premium silks is loosely categorized into “Interior Fabrics” and “Fashion Fabrics,” but that doesn’t really begin to tell the story of this manufacturer’s nearly 150 years of expertise. However, the company’s efficient and interactive website does.

“A new, fast, and user-friendly resource allows users to search the complete database by colour, by fabric, or by collection—and order up to six samples entirely free of charge.” The singular allure of receiving these tantalizingly textural textiles through the U.S. mail is incentive enough to visit, and the incredibly vast offerings seal the deal.

Savoy Collection of Silk Fabrics. Designed and Manufactured by James Hare.

Within those two categories of “fashion” and “interiors,” you’ll find “Orissa,” a Persimmon colored wallcovering that evokes the hey-dey of Russian royalty; “Tartan,” a veritable festival of technicolor plaid that will have the kilts of metrosexual Scots (if there be such a thing) from Dumfries to John O’ Groats all-a-flutter; and Cyclamen Pink from the Savoy Collection, a shade so alluring and transcendent, even Lady Gaga would go gaga for it.

About the Manufacturer: James Hare designs and manufactures silk fabrics. The uses of the company’s output runs the gamut: from wallcoverings to window coverings to upholstery and clothing. Since 1965, the manufacturer’s name has been synonymous with the most luxurious of fabrics and the most innovative uses therein. James Hare offers over 500 different varieties of silks. The Savoy Collection—featuring a panoply of colors and an especially alluring texture—is quintessential James Hare: “firm favorites with leading interior decorators, James Hare’s silks are famous worldwide. From richly colored and embellished designs to cool contemporary neutrals, the range is perfect for today’s interiors.”
Posted November 30th, 2011 by Joseph Starr


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