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The Dynamic Eco Throws by Happy Habitat

What do the words Fretwork, Lattice, Tribal, and Chevron have in common? Happy Habitat's Karrie Kaneda created a line of Eco Throws using these select pattern names based on designs derived from international inspiration.

Eco Throw - Chevron in Cerulean. Designed by Karrie Kaneda of Happy Habitat.

Flush with Colors and Pattern, the Eco Throws by Karrie Kaneda of Happy Habitat are Made from Recycled Cotton.

After Kaneda spent a decade avoiding the incorrigible desire to follow a more fulfilling, creative career path, the Happy Habitat designer for Redefine Home created her Eco Throws in Fretwork, Lattice, Tribal, and Chevron patterns. Mixing a Moroccan style with gorgeous, simple color combinations, the recycled cotton of the Eco Throws are modern and environmentally-friendly.

Eco Throw. Designed by Karrie Kaneda of Happy Habitat.

Eco Throw - Fretwork in Paprika. Designed by Karrie Kaneda of Happy Habitat.

Add a decorative throw in a bold color - like Paprika or Cerulean - or in a mellow shade - like Mushroom or Ochre - to bring in a thick dose of striking, geometric patterns. Crafted in the USA with recycled cotton, their "vegetarian" character is ultra soft, thick, and can be used on bedding, over a sofa, or as a great blanket by the fireplace for the winter months ahead. Beside the Eco Throws, Kaneda makes personalized Smart Phone/iPhone Touch cases and personalized paper goods in the same colors and patterns.

Eco Throw. Designed by Karrie Kaneda of Happy Habitat.

Eco Throw - Lattice in Mushroom. Designed by Karrie Kaneda of Happy Habitat.

An environmentally-friendly layer of added comfort and color for any room, the Eco Throws by Karrie Kaneda plug her renewed zest for comfortable design into a vibrant assortment of patterns and colors.

About the Designer: Happy Habitat's Karrie Kaneda is in love with color. "I just can't get enough: the endless combinations, color values, colors on fabrics, on walls, in nature. Color makes me smile." From Kansas, Kaneda got her BA in Spanish from the University of Kansas. Although she's always loved the creative world, her adventure as a designer began recently with the throws, phone cases, and paper goods using simple, beautiful patterns.
Posted November 14th, 2011 by Sonja Hall

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