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Healthcare Club Chair: Meet by Sittris

Just the other day, a friend of mine with a bad back was complaining about the lack of stylish seating options for people with lumbar difficulties. His main gripe was that too many modern chairs sit too low to the ground, making them comfortable once you’re sitting but difficult to get out of. This is decidedly not the problem with the Meet Chair by healthcare contract manufacturer Sittris. Meet Chair is designed “with a seat height higher than traditional lounge chairs so that anyone can get out of the chair gracefully.”

Meet Chair. Manufactured by Sittris.

Upholstered Armchair Swivels in Style

Not to trot out all my acquaintances, but another comrade of mine loves chairs that swivel. She has been planning to steal a pair of 1970’s swivel armchairs from her octogenarian neighbors since she first spotted their telltale orange velvet some years ago. She too would appreciate Sittris’ Meet Chair. Equipped with a swivel base (or with glides), Meet gives you the freedom to spin around, so you can shift your attention from one person to another. A swivel base is excellent anywhere that people congregate.

Meet Chair. Manufactured by Sittris.

Besides its seat height and swivel base, Meet Chair has other positives. It’s a roomy, triangular club chair that gives users enough room to feel safely ensconced—but not so much room that they feel lost within the leather (or upholstery). Intended for “reception and waiting rooms, informal meeting spaces, and private offices,” the Meet Chair by Sittris actually transcends its healthcare market. It’s comfortable enough for corporate spaces and handsome enough for residential uses. In fact, the Meet Chair could become a crossover success.

About the Manufacturer: Launched by Keilhauer in 2006, Sittris manufactures seating for the healthcare market. Their motto, “clean seating that stays clean,” reflects their commitment to producing furniture that supports infection control. With a line of products that feature germ-resistant materials, including their own Siliform™, Sittris is committed to improving the lives of patients and professional healthcare workers.
Posted November 10th, 2011 by Alicita Rodriguez


  • Deborah says:

    Style is great, but if it’s not combined with thoughtfulness, it’s just style. Most medical waiting rooms have not improved much since the turn of the (20th) century. There’s never any good place to hang coats, store umbrellas, set down purses or briefcases. I’d like to see the magazine cluttered coffee table go away and consideration and space given to wheel chairs and others with mobility isues.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry, but the higher seat height makes this a “healthcare” lounge chair? That’s silly. The swivel would make it more difficult for the elderly and infirm. The arms aren’t helpful for getting you out of the chair. There’s no clean out. The bottom will get dinged up by housecleaning. There is nothing about this chair that says healthcare. Why try to sell it as such? Nice for corporate.

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