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The SleepOver Flop Sofa by Nemschoff

Have you ever wondered about the origin of the term “flophouse?” Deriving from so-called “workingman’s shelters” in turn-of-the-century Britain, these lodgings provided an affordable night’s respite for seasonal workers and transients. Never one to shy away from re-contextualizing a term, Nemschoff has re-worked the notorious flophouse into the SleepOver Flop Sofa, an ingenious convertible couch that transforms between sofa and bed with a simple flip of a cushion.

SleepOver Flop Sofa. Designed and Maufactured by Nemschoff.

Nemschoff’s SleepOver Flop Sofa Provides Instant Respite for Overnight Guests

The SleepOver Flop Sofa is designed with an eye to creating an impromptu sleeping surface in healthcare settings. The crafty and creative furnishing resembles nothing but a stylish, full-fledged, and fully equipped sofa by day, but come nightfall the sofa’s back flips, flops, and slides to reveal “a large sleep surface that is primarily different from the sitting surface.”

The SleepOver Flop Sofa differs from other hideaway beds in this very crucial respect, as—all too often—convertible sofas only “convert” to the extent that sleepers must accommodate themselves to the sofa surface. Not so with the SleepOver Flop Sofa, whose easy transformation provides a more rigid and ergonomically appropriate place to pass the night.

SleepOver Flop Sofa. Designed and Maufactured by Nemschoff.

The distinction is crucial for those with tricky backs, as well as anyone who can’t quite abide spending the night on a couch. And the SleepOver Flop Sofa has other stellar qualities to recommend it besides—solid maple construction, replaceable components, removable/washable seat and back covers, and ample integrated storage for bedding and pillows.

SleepOver Flop Sofa. Designed and Maufactured by Nemschoff.

Nemschoff offers the SleepOver Flop Sofa in five different profiles, in addition to a large variety of signature Nemschoff finishes. At 78 3⁄4” x 27 1⁄2”, the prodigious dimensions of the SleepOver Flop Sofa will accommodate even the longest-legged of users.

About the Manufacturer: To paraphrase the guiding philosophy of founder Leonard Nemschoff, the company of the same name has “been passionate about creating quality healthcare furniture solutions for over 50 years.” Nemschoff takes conceptual guidance and creative inspiration from its clients—the patients, their families, and the healthcare workers who depend on the company’s signature synthesis of pragmatism and aesthetic appeal: “Everything we design and make is known for quality and craftsmanship. Our leadership, innovation, and Real World R&D® set us apart. This was true in 1950, and it is true today.”

Posted November 29th, 2011 by Joseph Starr

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