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The Ysio wi-D Digital X-ray Unit by Siemens

Isn’t it time the world—and all the world’s patients, wherever they may be—got a better X-ray machine? Anyone who’s ever experienced the ignominy of this procedure knows whereof I speak: fear of dangerous exposure, long wait times, uncomfortable positions, the deadening silence when the tech leaves the room to flip the switch… Siemens hopes to make these inconveniences a thing of the past with their new Ysio wi-D Digital X-ray unit.

Ysio wi-D Digital X-ray. Manufactured by Siemens.

The Ysio X-ray Ushers in a New Age of Radiography

As I read up on Ysio, I’m reminded of the Star Trek movie in which Dr. McCoy time travels back to 1984: “Good God man,” he says, upon witnessing the 20th. Century version of brain surgery, “drilling into his skull isn’t the answer!” Likewise, Ysio makes earlier X-ray protocols seem invasive, unnecessarily tedious, wasteful, even barbaric.

Ysio wi-D Digital X-ray. Manufactured by Siemens.

The new unit’s central perk is its cassette-less digital technology: “Detectors convert X-ray radiation to digital image information, and are usually firmly integrated in the examination table. The wireless detector of the Ysio can be removed from the table and placed directly underneath or next to the patient.”

Ysio wi-D Digital X-ray. Manufactured by Siemens.

The upshot is easier positioning of the patient, quicker placement for image acquisition, and ultimately better views. Further, the wireless detector transmits images directly to the workstation, so radiologists can evaluate the picture quick as a flash and thus determine whether or not further images need to be taken.

Ysio wi-D Digital X-ray. Manufactured by Siemens.

Ysio’s other workflow-enhancing features include an ergonomic, fully-automated table with a weight capacity of up to 660 lbs and more than 500 pre-programmable system positions; an advanced control panel read-out with a high resolution color monitor or black and white diagnostic unit; and a large color touch control screen that displays individual patient data, thus helping technicians take targeted images.

About the Manufacturer: The manufacturing behemoth called Siemens earned its excellent reputation for innovation in electronics and engineering, but the company has a thing or two to show the healthcare industry as well. Siemens has pioneered technological advances in many facets of healthcare, including digital imaging, therapy systems, and detection/diagnosis.
Posted September 15th, 2011 by Joseph Starr

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