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The Ran Front Chandelier by Barovier&Toso

Whether you’re beguiled or mystified by Barovier & Toso’s Ran Front series of modular chandeliers, you certainly won’t remain silent in their presence. Because this is one lightpiece that’s sure to provoke impassioned and colorful description, once your jaw stops hanging open, that is.

Ran Front Chandelier. Manufactured by Barovier&Toso.

The Captivating Mix and Match Elements of Barovier & Toso’s Ran Front

Ran Front Chandelier. Manufactured by Barovier&Toso.
The single chandelier transmogrifies into multiple incarnations, as Ran Front is comprised of luminously transparent glass stems, lovely fabric shades, and chromium-plated mounting hardware—so shining and resplendent that you’ll barely be able to distinguish them from the hand-blown glass itself.

Ran Front Chandelier. Manufactured by Barovier&Toso.

Ran Front Chandelier. Manufactured by Barovier&Toso.

Nor is Ran Front confined to a single, simple color scheme (no matter how beautiful it may be). In fact, Barovier & Toso offers several different approaches to tinting this particular hue, as well as that of the surrounding environment. Options include shades in black or white, and stems in a broad assortment of colors including crystal, grey, light pink, liquid citron, red, and aquamarine.

As Barovier & Toso say, “two-dimensional repetition is the conceptual reference of this collection.” In other words, Ran Front tends to repeat itself, whether you choose to assemble the modular elements in twos, threes, nines, or some other factorial suggestive of cosmic alignment: “these completely modular variations may be combined without limits, allowing an infinite number to be created... whether fixed to the walls or suspended to form a wall in themselves.”

About the Manufacturer: If you know something of the history of blown glass, than you’ve certainly heard of manufacturer Barovier&Toso. The company’s origins trace back to circa 1450 and the famed blue enameled glass "Barovier Wedding Cup.” The company has built on the heritage established by this, “perhaps the most precious of all glass items produced during the Renaissance,” to create a contemporary Murano-based glassworks whose output includes both classical and modern chandeliers, as well as the goti de fornasa: “a contemporary restatement of the drinking vessels produced by the glass-workers themselves.”
Posted September 15th, 2011 by Alicita Rodriguez

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