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The Ethan Youth Lounge by Vervano Sustainable Furnishings

Laura Britt Design and Vervano Sustainable Furnishings present the Ethan Youth Lounge. This lovely lounger is directed towards a very specific market—that of the six and under set. The Ethan Youth Lounge is an upholstered, rigid foam affair, done up to please both youngsters and their design-savvy parents.

Ethan Youth Lounge. Designed and Manufactured by Vervano Sustainable Furnishings.

The Youth Lounge is a Sophisticated Primer in Good Design

Ethan Youth Lounge. Designed and Manufactured by Vervano Sustainable Furnishings.
Modeled after the “grown-up” version (the Lydia Lounge Chair), Ethan sports the slick lines and seamless profile of the best contemporary furnishings. The base is constructed of sturdy hardwood in your choice of walnut or maple—a decidedly attractive and durable element—yet Ethan’s marquee feature is its bold, printed upholstery.

A fabulous farrago of Cerise butterflies atop a floral glyph motif in a comely orange-gold, Ethan’s upholstery has broad appeal, as it will easily charm the most cynical of parents, the most temper-tantrum prone of toddling terrible two-year-olds.

Ethan Youth Lounge. Designed and Manufactured by Vervano Sustainable Furnishings.

The Ethan Youth Lounge boasts the same green pedigree as all of Vervano’s offerings. This includes sustainably-sourced wood, renewable plant-based foam, low-VOC finishes/adhesives, and durable mortise and tenon joinery.

Built by hand in the United States, the Ethan Youth Lounge is available with organic upholstery and low-impact pigments and dyes. The piece pairs well with Vervano’s companion settee, the Sadie Youth Chaise. But whether you combine it as such, or choose to let it stand all on its own, Ethan makes a bold statement while helping to educate budding connoisseurs of A&D. As Vervano says, “It’s never too soon to introduce good design!”

About the Manufacturer: Vervano Sustainable Furnishings wears the company objectives on its sleeve (and in its name). Born of the need to locate a reliable source for sustainable furnishings, Laura Britt Design went and ahead and did it themselves by founding the eco-conscious furnishings line in Austin, Texas. In fulfilling their objective of changing the domestic design climate, Vervano follows green law to the letter, focusing on local manufacture from sustainably-sourced materials: “We are dedicated to preserving natural resources, maintaining healthy indoor air quality, and reducing the distance the finished products must travel.”
Posted September 12th, 2011 by Joseph Starr

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