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Sound Dampening Supacoustic Panels by Supawood

Supacoustic dampening panels by manufacturer Supawood has all the bases of sound absorption covered. The product is designed with the needs of both architects and acoustic consultants in mind. In regards to the former, Supacoustic panels have pronounced aesthetic appeal; and as to the latter, the panels are aces at diminishing the unpleasant effects of all manner of background noise.

Supacoustic Sound Dampening Panel. Manufactured by Supawood.

Supawood’s Supacoustic Panels Perform Across the Educational Spectrum

Supacoustic Sound Dampening Panel. Manufactured by Supawood.

No matter the environment, the space, or the degree and character of undesirable noise, Supawood’s Supacoustic Panels will zero in on the static and thus enhance the crucial bits. Among the venues appropriate to the product, Supawood lists shopping centers, clubs, hotel, and churches, but to my mind (and ears) the panels are tailor-made for schools.

I still remember the frustration of being packed into the upper reaches of an outsized lecture hall for Greek Mythology 101. Able to hear only the mumbled murmur of the aged Professor, I passed but through the Grace of Zeus and the abler ears of a kindly classmate.

Supacoustic Sound Dampening Panel. Manufactured by Supawood.

Thanks to Supacoustic Panels, this scenario will repeat nevermore. Ideal for libraries, lecture halls, atriums, and gymnasiums, the panels come in the standard four-hole perforation style, yet Supawood also offers them in a wide range of enhanced architectural styles.

Among the latter you’ll find a four slot pattern, in addition to “five creative styles,” including offset perforations, undulating slots, and a retro diamond configuration. The panels come heat bonded with either acoustic textile or insulation, and Supawood offers them in a bevy of intriguing finishes—“Supafinish, Supacolour or Supaveneer natural timber veneer finishes.”

About the Manufacturer: Supawood creates surface lining systems for architectural applications. The company’s wall and ceiling panels are custom engineered to the specifics of any project. Offering attractive panels for halls, foyers, libraries, and restaurants, “Supawood’s protective, acoustic & aesthetic features make these wall & ceiling panels essential for use in any building where people gather for physical activities or other entertainment.”
Posted September 20th, 2011 by Alicita Rodriguez

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