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Kaos Inlaid Marble Flooring by Budri

Forming one of the three Woogie Collection inlaid marble flooring designs by Budri, the various shades of blue, orange, and white make up the swirling Kaos: A throwback flooring artwork design to the 1960's and 70's.

Kaos. Manufactured by Budri.

The Retro-Inspired Kaos Flooring Design Brings Out the Colorful Use within Inlaid Marble Flooring Patterns.

The Italian design team at Budri developed the Kaos floor with the intention of it being a touch retro. Made from pietra dura, they say it is "an unmistakable tribute to pop-art," and continuing on to say that "in the centre of the room, surrounded by the dazzling optical inlay of the floor, one might expect to see a splendid coffee table by Allen Jones, who in 1969 created a collection with fibreglass tailors’ dummies (Hatstand, Table and Chair) like those featured in A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick".

Kaos. Manufactured by Budri.

Budri specifically chose the use of warm marble shades included in the Kaos flooring to make the pietra dura pattern "more elegant and sumptuous" as it spins and turns in wide curves. Although the headquarters is in Mirandola, Italy, the beauty of Budri's inlaid marble surfaces span the globe. Each project is brought to life accompanied by the steady hands and careful guidance of Budri specialists in marble flooring design.

Kaos. Manufactured by Budri.

Step to the future of marble flooring with cut patterns in perfect formations and using funky color combinations like the retro look of Kaos shining beneath you.

About the Manufacturer: With a huge manufacturing area and state of the art technological plants, the 50-year old business, Budri, has acquired international experience. At an execution level of major, complex, large-scale projects such as villas, residences, hotels, boutiques and other prestigious buildings, they are experts on projects requiring skilled know-how and impressive production capacity.
Posted September 14th, 2011 by Sonja Hall


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