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Argento Vivo: Vibrant Modern Kitchen by GD Cucine

Perhaps it’s because our grass is already getting tinged with frost every morning, or because Halloween is only a month away, but something seems especially seasonal about GD Cucine’s Argento Vivo kitchen. Chalk this up to the quirks of personal perception, but orange and black have always seemed to me the quintessence of Autumn, and the Argento Vivo kitchen appropriates these complementary tints with unusual aplomb.

Argento Vivo Kitchen. Designed by Roberto Pezzetta. Manufactured by GD Cucine.

The Contemporary Warmth of the Argento Vivo Kitchen

Of course, this is no warm-your-feet-by-the-fire scene of rustic bliss, but rather a stunningly contemporary design that synthesizes bold color and sleek minimalist materials. Designed by Roberto Pezzetta, the Argento Vivo kitchen skillfully employs a complementary palette of frosted glass cabinetry and dark-as-pitch Corian.

Argento Vivo Kitchen. Designed by Roberto Pezzetta. Manufactured by GD Cucine.

The kitchen is comprised of two central components: an island with colored base cabinetry, inset cooktop, and sink; and a soaring backdrop of the very same cabinets that also accommodate twin ovens. The combination creates the sleek, long lines that some might say are signature Italian, while also laying the groundwork for functional storage, prep, and cooking, as well as a seamless workflow.

This is a kitchen that works well—whether in a Roman penthouse or a sprawling country retreat—but Argento Vivo’s principal draw is its aesthetic allure, founded not only on its bold color palette, but also on a singular unmistakable detail—the translucent glass dining table with integrated lighting that makes up its far end. When the house lights are darkened, this feature creates a cool, ethereal glow—just the right ambience for a contemporary take on All Hollow’s Eve.

Argento Vivo Kitchen. Designed by Roberto Pezzetta. Manufactured by GD Cucine.

Although I say go orange or go home, GD Cucine offers The Argento Vivo Kitchen in multiple colors, including white, silver, yellow, royal blue, and royal green.

About the Manufacturer: GD Cucine is the creation of designer Giuseppe Dolfo, who founded the company in Treviso, Italy in 1969. Up until recent days, the manufacturer was known throughout Europe for its quality kitchens that “easily combine living, cooking and dining in an environment that brings together family and friends.” But courtesy of the recent two-level 8,000 sq. ft. flagship store in Chelsea, GD’s wares are now known the world over. GD’s materials palette includes wood, laminate, lacquer, aluminum, glass, and stone. The company’s Argento Vivo kitchen recently received a Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum.
Posted September 27th, 2011 by Joseph Starr

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