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A Better MRI: General Electric’s Optima MR340s

So say you’re suffering from a nastily twisted ankle, or a stubbornly gamey knee, or—God forbid—a good bump on the noggin, and you finally acquiesce to your doctor’s wishes and go in for an MRI. It’s bad enough to be in such a state of disrepair, yet the procedure adds insult to injury by forcing you into an oppressive luminescent cavern where you’re instructed to remain stock still for up to 90 minutes. General Electric’s Optima MR340s Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanner can quell the anxiety: the machine offers targeted imaging of the damage while the rest of you relaxes back in a comfy oversized lounger.

Optima MR340s Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanner. Manufactured by GE Healthcare.

GE’s MR340s is a Boon to Patients and Providers

The MR340s is the first of its kind. Though other extremity scanners exist, the MR340s is the first to offer power comparable to that of a full body scanner. The device thus offers an unparalleled combo of quality imaging and compact infrastructure.

Optima MR340s Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanner. Manufactured by GE Healthcare.

The key to negotiating this chasm between patient comfort and high quality scanning lies in the MR340s’ 1.5 T Magnet. This crucial component is of comparable size to that of full body MRIs, so technicians can get the consistency and clarity of a 1.5 T system, while patients get the happy experience of merely having to insert the affected extremity rather than their entire body.

Optima MR340s Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanner. Manufactured by GE Healthcare.

Extremity imaging also makes it easier for technicians and radiologists to get the view they’re after, as situating a single body-part (of a substantially more relaxed patient) is much easier than situating an entire anxiety-ridden body. The streamlined process has other benefits besides: “Faster patient preparation helps shorten exam times and improve throughput, while potentially fewer retakes help technologists stay on schedule.”

Lastly, the MR340s’ small stature makes it easier for healthcare facilities to offer this valuable service. With a footprint as small as 222 square feet, the MR340s facilitates easy siting and easier transport: The lightweight magnet fits through standard doors, thus lowering installation and ownership costs while facilitating a healthy return on investment.

Via GreenBiz.

About the Manufacturer: You’ve undoubtedly heard of GE but have you heard of GE Healthcare? This arm of the appliance manufacturing giant is dedicated to quelling the costs of healthcare, while devising better equipment to help physicians deliver the quality care incumbent upon the U.S.A. The company’s long-standing expertise in medical imaging, information technologies, medical diagnostics, and patient monitoring systems assists in the laudsable objective of “continuously developing innovations focused on reducing costs, increasing access and improving quality around the world.”

Posted September 9th, 2011 by Joseph Starr

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