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The Evo Sofa and Armchair by Nolen Niu

Prior to last May, I’d thought that the only Nolan I knew was pitcher and strike out ace Nolan Ryan of the erstwhile Houston Astros. Turns out I knew a new Nolen entirely, as designer Nolen Niu devised the elegant and expansive Hedra Armchair. Some three months later and we’ve got a new Niu product to explore—the pragmatic, ergonomic, and slightly whimsical Evo.

Evo Sofa. Designed and Manufactured by Nolen Niu.

Nolen Niu’s Evo Features Rigid Foam Wrapped Around a Hardwood Frame

Evo Sofa. Designed and Manufactured by Nolen Niu.

The Head to Toe Presence of rigid foam upholstery in vibrant orange and yellow might be the first thing one notices about Evo, but the inventive tri-partite structure is certainly a close second. A central feature of both the Evo Sofa and Armchair, these three distinct zones move independently, thus accommodating themselves to the bodily whims of separate users.

Evo Sofa. Designed and Manufactured by Nolen Niu.

As Niu puts it, the seat, lumbar, and backrest of Evo “take shape to the user’s body by distributing the weight across each zone.” The result is instantaneous customization—a made-to-order piece whose factory specs don’t change a whit. The combination is an enviable one for both consumer and manufacturer, as it has resulted in highly functional seating with a singularly compelling aesthetic.

Evo Sofa. Designed and Manufactured by Nolen Niu.

Niu offers Evo as both sofa and armchair, and he’s also generously supplied a matching ottoman. This angular accompaniment tucks neatly and seamlessly against the sofa and armchair, creating an unbroken line that gives Evo a modular bent: “The EVO ottoman fits snugly under the lip of the sofa or armchair… it can also be used as a bridge to create an ‘L’ shaped island. With the use of an additional armchair and ottoman, one can create the ultimate sectional.”

Evo Sofa. Designed and Manufactured by Nolen Niu.

About the Manufacturer: Though the daring vibrancy and bold silhouettes of products like the XO and YO Sofas may give manufacturer Nolen Niu a marked California feel, the locale doesn’t hurt. All Nolen Niu pieces are conceived of and produced in the Southern California Studio of namesake Niu, founder and lead designer. In the game since 2005, the company has earned a reputation for the durability of its products and the integrity of its business model. As a living testament to the claim, pieces by Niu reside in such esteemed locales as Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay, New York’s Classic Car Club Manhattan, and the L.A. set of HBO’s cult hit Entourage.
Posted August 9th, 2011 by Joseph Starr

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