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New Shaw Contract Collection Livin’ On the Edge

Square commercial carpet tiles are so square. Designers now have a new way to think about the design and installation of commercial carpet tiles thanks to Shaw Contract’s new On the Edge collection. Edge features 18-inch by 36-inch patterned, rectangular tiles in three patterns and vibrant, modern colors that can be combined for a graphic-design inspired or traditional look.

On the Edge. Manufactured by Shaw Contract.

Infinite Flooring Designs Possible with Rectangular Tiles

After introducing rectangular carpet tiles at last year’s NeoCon conference, Edge took home Best of NeoCon Gold this year, and we can see why. Shaw Contract has patterned, colored, washed and traced along the tile edges, allowing for a bold layered look or a modernized yet minimal approach.

On the Edge. Manufactured by Shaw Contract.

The neutral-based palette is appealing for almost any space while the neon and spice referenced colors add a charming twist to commercial spaces. Because the tiles can be mixed within the different patterns, Horizontal, Vertical and Abstract, installation methods are endless.

On the Edge. Manufactured by Shaw Contract.

Line up edges to create faux area rugs or to guide people through a space. The linear look can help emphasize scale of a room or help define gathering areas and walkways. For a standard look, designers can install the tiles by following arrows on the back of the tiles or get creative by ignoring them completely.

On the Edge. Manufactured by Shaw Contract.

For a ridiculously detailed look at how to showcase On the Edge, check out Shaw Contract Group’s beautifully produced virtual magazine starting on page 25.

Bonus: Tiles are backed by EcoWorx, which contains 40 percent pre-consumer recycled content, is recyclable and backed for performance. The tiles help earn LEED and Innovation in Design credits.

On the Edge. Manufactured by Shaw Contract.

About the Manufacturer: Shaw Contract Group defines design not only by great appearance, but also performance and sustainability. The result is long-lasting carpet with vibrant colors, distinctive patterns, and minimal environmental impact. As a division of Shaw Industries, Shaw Contract Group combines the expertise of the world’s largest carpet manufacturer with the financial stability of a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary.
Posted August 3rd, 2011 by Elizabeth Zweigel

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