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Design in the Palm of Your Hand: Foliage by Tazana

I am someone who likes instructions. It would be troubling for me to receive a package including something I needed to put together if it arrived without enclosed instructions. Given the poor language in which instructions are written, I ultimately do not count on them—but I know they exist, which means there is a way to accomplish the task at hand. Luckily, there are people in the world who ignore instructions, cast them aside, shun them even. These souls would enjoy putting together Foliage, a modular lamp which invites user participation in its end design. The parts are the same, but everyone will put the lamp together somewhat differently.

Foliage lamp. Manufactured by Tazana.

Modular Leaf Lamp

Created by the Thai company Tazana, the Foliage light requires assembly. It “curls and coils as a snail in the small size of the palm.” Meant to be “stretched or squeezed into shape,” Foliage is longer than it looks: the green vine measures one meter, with a decorative leaf at each end. The end result of Foliage is a little freeform, organic egg that resembles a nest made of vines. The lamp can be hung as a pendant or placed on top of a base to create a table lamp. Arranged in clusters, the effect is vibrant and earthy, a mossy tumble of ethereal ova.

Foliage lamp. Manufactured by Tazana.

Via Roadside Scholar.

About the Manufacturer: Tazana, meaning attitude in Thai, is a company started by Suppapong Sonsang, who believes that design is based on interpretation—“there is no exact condition in design.” Design is in the eye of the beholder, in the viewer’s response and attitude. By combining new technology with the traditional talent of the Thai people, Tazana offers unusual creative solutions that usually involve the user’s participation by putting together product parts in a creative, individual way.

Posted August 23rd, 2011 by Alicita Rodriguez

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