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Living in Harmony Pendants by Work & Design

Furniture and lighting designer Rafael Avramovich founded Work & Design in order to produce one-of-a-kind objects that feature unconventional materials, notably recycled and environmentally friendly components. From pigmented concrete tables to rusted steel lamps, brass and bronze block mirrors to stainless steel dinner tables, his work can be customized to anyone’s specifications and desires. Of particular interest are his Living in Harmony pendant lamps, LH 8 and LH 9.

Living in Harmony 8 Pendant Lamp. Designed and manufactured by Work & Design.

Round Suspension Lamps with Geometric Negative and Positive Space

Living in Harmony 8 Pendant Lamp. Designed and manufactured by Work & Design.

The Living in Harmony pendant lamps remind me of the orbiting patterns of planets. Constructed of bands of metal, the LH lights play with shape and volume. The spheres seem almost insubstantial, little cages emphasizing the power of light, as opposed to directing or diffusing it. All of the joints or intersections where two or more metal strips meet serve to stress the contrast between substance and emptiness.

Living in Harmony 8 Pendant Lamp. Designed and manufactured by Work & Design.

LH 8 measures 18 inches in diameter with stripes of ¾ inch. Made of black iron, rust steel, and darkened brass, this pendant offers some variety in tone. LH 9 is a more reigned-in size at 12 inches in diameter with stripes of ½ inch. Built of oxidized copper, LH 9 retains a uniformity of color and texture. These two pieces from the Living in Harmony lighting group will appeal to anyone who likes transparency, admires form, and appreciates negative space. It would seem that, according to Work and Design, living in harmony involves balancing what exists with the beautiful nothing that always lurks beneath.

Via Interior Design.

About the Manufacturer: Work & Design “are the principal elements” in Rafael Avramovich’s furniture and lighting company. Using environmentally friendly and recycled materials, from pigmented concrete to oxidized copper, Work & Design produces tables, pendant lamps, and mirrors. The designer explains his aesthetic philosophy as such: “My intention is not only to create beautiful furniture, but to evoke emotion as well. It is essential to me that the viewer is left with a sense of empathy that goes beyond the visual.”

Posted August 18th, 2011 by Alicita Rodriguez

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