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The Indoor/Outdoor Sakura Collection by Mark Robson for Sifas

If a furniture's shape could be considered innovative, like the engineering of an automobile marking a clear progression from one year to the next, the Sakura Collection by Mark Robson for Sifas would be pegged as the Lamborghini Estoque of 2011.

The Sakura Collection. Designed by Mark Robson. Manufactured by Sifas.

Performing with Solid Structures and Fluid Lines, Sifas Introduces the Modern Sakura Collection by Mark Robson.

Just like the four-door sedan that looks like a sports car, the spacious Sakura Modern Outdoor Chaise Lounge of the series uses its size to create a patio scene from scratch. Its base tip-toes on the surface below, changing its round shape into that of an elegant contour line. Scaling back, the entire modular Sakura system - featuring ottomans, side tables, armchairs, loungers, and beds - uses a lacquered aluminum structure and a supple, woven Hydropass material. This highly-innovative performance weave is constructed using a 3D network of polyester fibers and honeycomb mesh that abolishes the ability for mold and bacteria to grow.

The Sakura Collection. Designed by Mark Robson. Manufactured by Sifas.

The chairs of Sakura come with four relaxation positions. From the fully upright to the fully reclined, they can be adjusted to your preference and then configured in both "straight-lined or curved lounged suites". With endless possibilities in design based on either indoor or outdoor arrangements, the Sakura Collection stands alone. Recently, it showed off its ability to do so at the first ever Dominican Republic interior design show held in Santo Domingo on June 9-12, 2011.

The Sakura Collection. Designed by Mark Robson. Manufactured by Sifas.

Like a futuristic performance sedan, the Sakura Collection by Mark Robson for Sifas distinguishes itself as a class above the rest with its fluid lines and shapes that represent the most modern designs in lounge furniture on the market.

About the company: Founded on the French Riviera in 1937, Sifas offer a unique variety of modern, contemporary and luxury furniture for poolside seating, patios, gardens and yachts, for the "in‐out" lifestyle. Sifas products are distributed throughout the U.S. by Brown Jordan, Alesso Modern Source, Moss, Miromar, Allegro Classics, Walters Wicker and others.

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Posted July 1st, 2011 by Sonja Hall


  • Fabulous collection of bench by Mark Robson.Realiy i mean the bench gives the feel like inovations done by car engineer.Best collection ever seen for indoor and out door decoration and really relaxation thougout out look.

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