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Peep Cabinets by Håkan Johansson for Zweed

Depending upon which side of the door you're on, anything to do with "peeping" is downright creepy. It just is. However, the small cutout doors in the latest Håkan Johansson design rightly named the Peep Cabinet, is one of the justifiable ways to bypass the look your friends would give you if excited to finally put a peep in your house.

Peep Cabinet. Designed by Håkan Johansson of Zweed.

Random Holes Help Navigate Interiors of the Peep Cabinet by Håkan Johansson of Zweed.

By peering into the peepholes, we are shown a quick look at the color and contents stored within each cabinet. The exterior color options come in a plentiful variety - white, silver, black, brown, gold or blue - and the lacquered MDF, six-door, one-drawer unit comes in custom colors as well. Standing tall on its poised four legs, the unit measures in at 36.5"H x 43"W x 13.5"D.

Peep Cabinet. Designed by Håkan Johansson of Zweed.

The Peep actually comes in four different configurations. The most popular is the six-door, one-drawer cabinet - that comes with or without the drawer - but another option they mention is a four-door, one-drawer credenza. Prior to the Peep's release, they released the variations of their Citti units (seen here) which look similar to the Peep. With tiny squares shining outside light into the spaces within, the beauty of the birch and solid ask wood units that are made-to-order in upstate New York takes on a look and finish that is worth being curious about.

Peep Cabinet. Designed by Håkan Johansson of Zweed.

"Design proves that it's what's inside that counts" is the way Zweed describes the approach of the Peep Cabinet design by Håkan Johansson. Little squares within squares or peepholes into the depths of your drawers. no matter which way you see it, the inside-out energy of the Peep Cabinet creates a unique effect unto itself.

About the Designer: Zweed was founded in 2010 by designer Håkan Johansson with simple ethos: "To produce pieces of quality furniture locally with client's inspiration and ideas taking a central part of the design process." The designer stresses that the handcraft of each piece has to be of the highest possible quality—the idea being to create contemporary future classics which will grow with the user. Further good news for the environment is that Zweed produces each piece locally, meaning transportation's footprint is kept low.
Posted July 21st, 2011 by Sonja Hall

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