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No More Goosebumps: Allison by Kindle Living

Kindle Living decided to fill a niche in the design market by producing a patio heater that’s also a lamp. Their creations are large scale statements that are “stylish and with plenty of heat.” Odd that the company is based in Los Angeles, where average temperatures don’t seem to warrant patio heaters, but the rest of the world—especially those locations that actually do get cold—gets to reap the benefits of Kindle Living’s composite.

Allison heat lamp. Manufactured by Kindle Living.

Grand Patio Heaters Deliver Large Style

Allison heat lamp. Manufactured by Kindle Living.

Their first design, the piece that started it all, is Allison, a giant version of a traditional table lamp with a pleated shade. Kindle refers to this heat lamp as “a modern redo of an outdated standard.” With a bulbous base that’s got lots of sexy curves, Allison emits light from her shapely torso, which is shaped like the iconic bottle from which Barbara Eden escaped in I Dream of Jeannie. The most captivating thing about Allison is her size. The giant scale—the heat lamp stands taller than eight feet high—means this design dwarfs most people, making them seem as if they’ve had a swig of Alice’s potion.

Allison heat lamp. Manufactured by Kindle Living.

Allison emits either white or colored light. A choice of hues sets the mood—everything from the cool, calming effect of indigo to the warm, energizing feel of red. If you can’t decide between the seven colors, don’t—the LED lights can be programmed to cycle through the entire rainbow. Allison itself is available in White Alabaster and Black Onyx.

Allison heat lamp. Manufactured by Kindle Living.

Via Notcot.

About the Manufacturer: Kindle Living, a Los Angeles outfit, designs and produces a whole new animal—a half-lamp and half-heater hybrid that turns out to be “so much more” than the sum of its parts. Their reinvented patio heaters turn up the heat—literally and metaphorically. The Kindle Living lamp-heaters heat the area around you while also “blazing the trail” in design.
Posted July 29th, 2011 by Alicita Rodriguez

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