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The Milk Bottle Chandelier by Bonne Plat for Leitmotiv

We have seen a lot of interesting examples of repurposed materials becoming light fixtures. Some of my favorites include the Bic Pen Chandelier by enPieza, the Global Chandelier by Benoit Vieubled, and the Upcycled Doily Lamp by reMade USA. These examples show off the creativity of designers who can take common materials and turn them into very special feature lights. The finished products offer versatile aesthetics, emphasizing the possibilities of sustainable design to fit any palette. Bonne Plat has taken 48 unwanted milk bottles and created his own sustainable light fixture, The Milk Bottle Chandelier.

The Milk Bottle Chandelier. Designed by Bonne Plat. Manufactured by Leitmotiv.

The Milk Bottle Chandelier designed by Bonne Plat for Leitmotiv
The 48 milk bottles are attached to a metal frame and lit by a single bulb hidden within. The Milk Bottle Chandelier comes in two sizes for varying room and table dimensions. If milk bottles don’t represent your beverage preferences, Plat has also created a similar model made with wine bottles. White wine, or white light, seems to be the designers choice as the bottles are all transparent glass and not green or brown glass. If there is a bar brawl at the dinner table, at least the guests will be well equipped.
The Wine Bottle Chandelier designed by Bonne Plat for Leitmotiv

About the Designer: Bonne Plat was brought up in an artistic family, and in 1995 he graduated succesfully at the Acedamy of Arts in Kampen, The Netherlands. He now works as a product designer at Leitmotif. Leitmotiv prides itself in the curation of a carefully composed collection of small furniture and lighting products. Each season sees Leitmotiv harnessing the stand-out talents of external designers from around the world; thus producing a collection that offers everybody the opportunity to add a design touch to his or her living room.

Posted July 20th, 2011 by Amanda Smith

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