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Patrick Seha’s Piano Hanger for Feld

I’ve never been much of a fan of hooks. Not only do they bring back the childhood trauma of Peter Pan’s arch nemesis—who had one for a hand, if you recall—they also appear as perpetually unsightly outgrowths of an otherwise smooth and inviting wall. Chalk it up to my heightened sensitivity to textural unpleasantness, but I just can’t abide too many hat hangers, coat hooks, what have you… That’s why Feld’s Piano Hanger is so appealing. It takes the concept of the hook and flattens it out into a smooth, lovely plane of polished wood.

Piano Multi-Purpose Hanger Panel. Designed by Patrick Seha. Manufactured by Feld.

Piano Hanger’s Clever Retractable Hooks Save Space and Look Good Doing It

Piano Multi-Purpose Hanger Panel. Designed by Patrick Seha. Manufactured by Feld.

The concept of designer Patrick Seha’s Piano Hanger is that the utilitarian coat hook needn’t be an eyesore nor a permanent obstruction. Rather—by following the simple mechanical principles of piano keys—it can be a pleasing whole-wall decoration with pragmatic perches for coats, hats, what have you… that appear and disappear with a simple nudge.

Piano Multi-Purpose Hanger Panel. Designed by Patrick Seha. Manufactured by Feld.

The piece in fact resembles the interior works of a piano. And like that keyed instrument, Piano Hanger works by simply depressing one end of a length of wood. The cantilevered shaft gives way with a simple nudge and voila! you have your hook, eager to accept whatever item needs temporary storage.

Piano Hanger features multiple hooks at several different levels, which, in addition to staggering items such that it makes great use of space, enables people of all heights (especially kids) to fully engage its musical charms.

Via chictip.

About the Manufacturer: Antwerp’s Feld has been in business for only seven years, but in that time the manufacturer of chairs, tables, storage shelving, and accessories has managed to earn a reputation for innovative, functional products that connect to their users in a meaningful way: “in short, Feld products are highly evocative… We are not following ephemeral decorative trends. Instead, we think that innovation is durable, we strongly believe in the lasting power of relevant ideas. Feld is not about style, Feld is about improvement.”

Posted July 13th, 2011 by Alicita Rodriguez

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