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The Core Chair by American Seating

As a confirmed movie fanatic, I have a minor dream of entering a darkened, cool auditorium to discover row on row of new, neat, clean, fresh, functional, and comfortable stadium seating. I’d even settle for a chair that didn’t have an insistently poking center spring. If luck is in my future, this scenario may come to pass, especially if American Seating’s recent Core Chair makes its way out West.

Core Chair. Manufactured by American Seating.

The Core Chair is a Functional, Sustainable, and Attractive Stadium Seating Solution

Core Chair. Manufactured by American Seating.

And why shouldn’t Core travel out in my direction? After all, it’s not that far from Grand Rapids, MI to Colorado. Besides, states from coast to coast are keying in on sustainable approaches to contract wares.

Core Chair. Manufactured by American Seating.

Core is sustainable/ecologically aware to the nth degree. The piece is loaded with recycled content—from the standards, to the seatbacks, to the brackets. In fact, more than ½ of Core’s weight consists of post-consumer recycled materials, including typical throwaways like milk containers and detergent bottles. Core is also geared for easy disassembly and re-assimilation into the product stream.

Core Chair. Manufactured by American Seating.

But that’s only half the story. The other half involves functional touches like floor or riser-mount heights; six different widths; three-quarter fold seats that enable hands-free entry and exit; and a curved back inner for comfort and ergonomic support.

Core Chair. Manufactured by American Seating.

Core is also good looking—not only as stadium seating goes, but objectively speaking. The basic forest green pictured is a wonderfully versatile shade, apropos of the varied venues in which Core will make itself at home, such as classrooms, sports auditoriums, and movie theaters. Other aesthetic options for Core include laminated arm panels, plastic end caps, plywood veneer backs, and of course different colors.

About the Manufacturer: American Seating has operated out of Grand Rapids, MI since 1886, during which 125 years they’ve devised a veritable product stream of elegant and innovative seating solutions. This extends to varied venues of “architectural environments… including the Education, Entertainment, Office and Government Contract markets.” The new Core Chair extends these offerings even further, as the sustainable and ultra-functional line responds to pressing needs in larger venues such as indoor auditoriums.

Posted July 5th, 2011 by Joseph Starr

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