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media:scape by Nurture: Collaborative Sharing in the Office

Having come at A&D through academia, rather than any kind of “normal” job, I remain blissfully unaware of those stagnant meetings so commonplace they’ve become cliché, in which everyone wants to say (and show) their piece, yet the woeful infrastructure just doesn’t allow it. As manufacturer Nurture (a subsidiary of Steelcase) says, “as we researched how people worked, it was obvious that when sharing information was necessary, it was often a hassle and many times interrupted effective collaboration.” The Solution: media:scape.

media:scape. Manufactured by Nurture-Steelcase.

media:scape Puts Shared Information at Your Fingertips

media:scape. Manufactured by Nurture-Steelcase.

media:scape transcends the conference room, trumps the workstation. The product creates an interactive environment for the wired-in age (Steelcase calls it a “collaborative destination”). media:scape “democratizes information” by providing a literal and metaphorical platform for meeting/conference participants to see what’s on everyone’s mind.

media:scape. Manufactured by Nurture-Steelcase.

The crucial element that facilitates this productive collaboration is the media:scape PUCK. A black disc about the size and shape of that projectile familiar to hockey fans, PUCK “enables users to seamlessly switch the information displayed on a laptop to a monitor or projector… it intuitively knows how many computers are connected at a given time.”

media:scape. Manufactured by Nurture-Steelcase.

Puck is integrated into any number of Steelcase’s line of conference tables with “Media Wells.” These are essentially power receptacles (completely hiding the PUCKS when not in use), that contain the behind-the-scenes infrastructure to let you plug in your laptop and toggle in to Steelcase’s bank of monitors.

The result is the aforementioned democratized information. And courtesy of Steelcase’s media:scape integrated line of chairs, tables, and lounge seating, you may indulge your newfound freedoms at different heights, in multiple configurations and manifold forms.

About the Manufacturer: With the guiding principle of helping the world’s wage earners “Love How They Work,” manufacturer Steelcase is dedicated to creating appealing spaces that make work more enjoyable and more productive. Their focus is on understanding how people actually work and then creating product with real-world applications that serves real people in real jobs: “we help our customers create high performance spaces that build their business, reflect their brand and support their culture.”

Posted July 4th, 2011 by Joseph Starr

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