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The Arc Collection Range Hoods by Ammunition Group for Zephyr

Just when it seems that a high-end kitchen design couldn't get any better, we see the eye sore: a massive range above the stove. To combat the epidemic of big, bulky ranges that somehow made it into our homes and restaurants for years, Ammunition Group teamed up with Zephyr to create the Arc Collection of tech-savvy devices that achieve the unthinkable in utility design.

The Horizon Wall of the Arc Collection. Designed by Ammunition Group. Manufactured by Zephyr.

A Super Sleek Kitchen Range Hood Design: The Arc Collection by Ammunition Group for Zephyr.

With no lack of style or color, the ten different styles represented by the Arc Collection enter the culinary scene with a mission: to sweep out old air and old design traditions, replacing them with a bold new look that flows into any interior aesthetic. Using stainless steel and glass, both BlueAntStudio and Freshome, highlighted the collection's description saying "the Arc Collection delivers compact power and sophistication to the kitchen...based on simple forms and material layering."

The Horizon Wall of the Arc Collection. Designed by Ammunition Group. Manufactured by Zephyr.

Ammunition Group is a design studio based in San Francisco who handled the new concept for Zephyr's Arc Collection. Consistently coming up with innovative and intuitive products for all spheres - product design, interactive design, and even identity design - the group is made up of skilled design influencers who all seem to value the combination of customized finishing, bold colors, texture, and of course, high functionality.

The Horizon Wall of the Arc Collection. Designed by Ammunition Group. Manufactured by Zephyr.

No need to shrug the shoulders in apathy upon seeing an ancient range hood in your home kitchen or restaurant. With the Arc Collection by Ammunition Group for Zephyr, the answer is here, and it's as simple as good design in just the right number of customizable options.

About the Designers: Ammunition brings over 25 years of product, interaction, and brand design leadership to the creation of customer experiences. With an emphasis on ideas, this San Francisco-based group was founded by an industrial designer and product development entrepreneur, Robert Brunner, but now consists of a team comprised of the award-winning product and interaction design group of Pentagram Design San Francisco and others from the award-winning identity and interaction design firm, MetaDesign.
Posted June 9th, 2011 by Sonja Hall


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