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I’ve Got Wood Turns Beetle Kill Wood Into Modern Furniture

The first time I saw the devastation caused by mountain pine beetles, I was awed by the acres and acres of dead trees. What had once been lush, green mountainsides had turned into brown expanses of leafless lodge-pole pines. I had been driving through Summit County on my way to visit family, and the beauty of the Colorado mountains had been largely ruined by tiny creatures measuring less than five millimeters. These mountain pine beetles have infested over 1.16 million acres of Colorado pines, leaving property owners and the forest service with nothing to do but chop trees down and turn them into landfill-destined chips.

Beetle Kill Lamps. Manufactured by I’ve Got Wood.

Sustainable and Blue in Colorado

Beetle Kill Lamps. Manufactured by I’ve Got Wood.

Luckily, I’ve Got Wood plans to give this tragedy “a happy ending by turning these fallen trees into timeless pieces of furniture.” Beetle kill wood has an interesting blue color, making it a great material for unique products. The Colorado-based company offers Beetle Kill Bench and Beetle Kill Lamps, two modern pieces that take advantage of the pretty-hued wood.

Beetle Kill Lamps. Manufactured by I’ve Got Wood.

The chunky Beetle Kill Bench is simple and versatile, capable of serving as a seat, coffee table, or media stand. Its generous proportions “means this one is built for a lifetime.” The Beetle Kill Lamps, with their leaf cut-outs and elongated shapes, are much more refined. Every lamp is different, and I’ve Got Wood will craft one to any desired specifications. This furniture accomplishes what the company set out to do—create “a tribute to our beautiful Colorado forests.”

Beetle Kill Lamps. Manufactured by I’ve Got Wood.

About the Manufacturer: I’ve Got Wood is a collaboration between three industrial designers—Robyn Meier, Jacob Bouchard, and Mark Veljkovich. Based in Colorado, the company makes wood furniture using beetle kill pine, as well as other materials. They are passionate about design, sustainability, “and all things beautiful.”
Posted June 30th, 2011 by Alicita Rodriguez


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