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The BIG Collection’s Ellisse Pattern by Joel Berman Glass Studios

Singled out as one of the Best of NeoCon products for 2011 - and located on the 11th floor of the showroom which was widely known as one of the most fun for an after hour cocktail - the Ellisse kiln-formed glass by the Joel Berman Glass Studios, or JBGS, marries its glossy nature with a curvilinear pattern.

Ellisse Kiln-Formed Glass. Manufactured by Joel Berman Glass Studio.

A Transparent and Textured BIG Design: The Ellisse Kiln-Formed Glass by the Joel Berman Glass Studios

“Since Joel Berman Glass Studios is known for its textured products, BIG, with its transparent finish, is a significant design departure for us,” explained Joel Berman, founder and chief product designer of JBGS. “And all of the designs in the BIG Collection are scalable which means that these products can be used for both architecture and interior applications.”

Ellisse Kiln-Formed Glass. Manufactured by Joel Berman Glass Studio.

In a transparent finish, Ellisse’s elliptical pattern takes the cake in redefining a space without color. Opt for tempered glass panels to change the effect for interior and exterior application and scale the design to fit. The ellipses can be small or medium-sized for interior use, or enlarged for a distant view for architectural, exterior use. With the elliptical shape creating lighting effects suitable for either, and in sizes of up to 53” x 108”, the BIG Collection’s name fits alongside Ellisse, which exudes a certain element of sophistication.

Ellisse Kiln-Formed Glass. Manufactured by Joel Berman Glass Studio.

Whether its the Best of NeoCon commending the design or your neighborhood for its graceful presence inside or out, the Ellisse is a classy glass pattern whose flexibility in design is as beautiful as an ellipse of the sun.

About the Company: Joel Berman Glass Studios is a world-renowned designer and manufacturer of glass art for the architecture and design community, and offers leading edge solutions and collaboration possibilities to take any glass art project from concept to installation. From its design studio and manufacturing facilities located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Joel Berman Glass Studios offers kiln-cast and pressure-formed glass, and related complementary products, crafted to the highest standards and featuring designer textures, colors and hardware.

Posted June 29th, 2011 by Sonja Hall

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