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Upcycled Beams To Hold Your Coffee Mug; The Raft Table by Andre Joyau

Chunky wood beams make beautiful, simple furniture that is elegant and modern. They also make furniture that is nearly impossible to move, but thats another story. I am continually drawn to this type of furniture for its straight forward design that feels timeless, for the moment.

The Raft Table. Designed by André Joyau.

Reclaimed beams and salvaged wood are materials that come up a lot in the search for sustainably designed furniture, which begs the question - where is this material coming from? Reclaimed wood is a finite resource, and I wonder what happens when the material runs out. I also wonder what is being taken apart for these pieces of wood to become available for reuse. Although started with the best of intentions, at some point old structures that could be saved will, or already are, being taken down for the sake of reclaimed stock.

The Raft Table designed by Andre Joyau

Moving on. André Joyau, the founder of the company and head designer, uses reclaimed beams simply with contrasting materials to create his line of rustic contemporary furniture. The Raft Table is a series of assembled reclaimed beams that have been connected, hand waxed and balanced on solid cherry footers. The finished product has the quality of old wood without the splinters and with all of the backaches. Imagine delivering this baby to a 5th floor walk-up, I think not. The chairs that are featured with the Raft Table have a complimentary aesthetic that gives the set a Japanese feel.

The Raft Table designed by Andre Joyau

The Raft Table designed by Andre Joyau

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About the Designer: André Joyau is a small, cooperative studio of designers and cabinetmakers that is based out of Brooklyn, NY. The group believes in creating fine, modern pieces marked by attention to detail and enduring craftsmanship. André Joyau is the company founder and head designer, who oversees design and production for the studio. Their mantra is producing hand-crafted furniture that combines sustainable and traditional methods with new technology.
Posted May 18th, 2011 by Amanda Smith


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