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The Concept Kitchen by Kilian Schindler for Naber

To our English ears the phrase “Rat für Formgebung” might sound like a skin lesion prevalent among small rodents, but in fact it translates as “German Design Council,” and it signifies “an initiative of the German Federal Parliament in 1953 to meet the growing need of the business world for information about design.” RfF coordinates traveling exhibits to show the world the best of German design. This year, the council chose Kilian Schindler’s Concept Kitchen to lead the way forward into the brave new world of the modular cooking space.

Concept Kitchen. Designed by Kilian Schindler. Manufactured by Naber.

The Flexible, Dynamic, and Innovative Concept Kitchen

Just off tours to both Milan and ICFF, Schindler’s modular kitchen solution for manufacturer Naber is taking a bit of a breather while the world absorbs its impact and awaits for its reprisal in December at Hong Kong’s BODW (Business of Design Week). The low down on the Concept Kitchen is that it promises an easy to assemble (and break down) and fully functional kitchen that makes terrific use of space.

The Concept Kitchen designed by Kilian Schindler for Naber

The concept behind Concept concerns a basic skeletal framework made of steel that supports a kitchen’s functional elements. Thus, the individual frames accommodate a cook top, counter space, prep area, oven, sink, storage, and utensils. Pre-drilled grid patterns make it simple to add additional shelves for storage, and the modular concept allows easy removal of the larger elements for transport and re-assembly.

Even better, the modular approach allows a mix and match option that will suit fickle types who might re-arrange their kitchen as they re-arrange their living room. Naber and Schindler’s Concept Kitchen certainly speaks to that demographic, as the system is an open-ended, flexible solution for open spaces and open minds.

The Concept Kitchen designed by Kilian Schindler for Naber

Via Dezeen.

About the Manufacturer: Nordholm, Germany’s Naber is a family business that keeps things just the right size (medium, so they say) to both foster creativity and get the word out. In this case, that word has rung true from Milan to NYC (ICFF) as the company’s Concept Kitchen makes the rounds and elicits wows. The modular, portable approach offered by Concept testifies to Naber’s commitment to innovation in the kitchen, which Concept exemplifies through an “aesthetics of simplicity, diversity, and liveliness… Concept Kitchen can here and now adjust itself to the needs of its users’ life but likewise easily at any other location.”

Posted May 30th, 2011 by Joseph Starr

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