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TAKTL’s Urban and Commercial Use of Ultra High Performance Concrete

Out in Western Pennsylvania they’ve been researching new ways to develop ultra high performance concrete (or UHPC) for products, architectural applications, landscape, and design industries. Without further ado, two of the founding principals of Forms + Surfaces bring to us TAKTL: a research, design, and manufacturing company with an absolute specialty in the material that could change the way our commercial buildings are constructed.

Ultra High Performance Concrete. Designed by TAKTL.

A Long Life Cycle and Modern Textured Surfaces Define the Ultra High Performance Concrete of TAKTL

Using their sister companies, VECTR and SITU, TAKTL comes to life. VECTR specializes in a unique collection of wall paneling systems for both interior and exterior facades. SITU takes the UHPC to the urban setting as the work to produce benches, lighting, planters and integrated wall systems. To give us some perspective, the grade of concrete they’ve perfected is similar to previous uses in marine anchors, piers, sea walls, seismic structures, bridges, and hazardous material containment. (To deduce that this material may last awhile is a colossal understatement.)

TAKTL watched as other versions of UHPC were used in the construction of universities as well, but never was it introduced to the commercial market. Now, they are the leading design and research group that is working to make sure the finishes, coatins, casting, and other details are in line with what the commercial setting seeks in construction since they offer a wide range of patterns and shapes, finishes, and many different color options.

Additionally, they use locally sourced materials, low energy production, resource efficiency, and carries a very long life cycle under its belt to show its ability to stand up on many different environmental platforms as a product that will take us into the future of a long-lasting architecture and urban product design.


TAKTL balances the rich industrial history of the Western Pennsylvania region with the most sophisticated technology and innovation available today. With our modular manufacturing model we are ready and able to set up manufacturing facilities world wide to support project and client needs. The TAKTL team brings together 30 years of manufacturing experience, materials research and innovative design and are made up of material scientists, mechanical and ceramic engineers, industrial, textile and communication designers, architects, artists, writers, etc.

Posted May 6th, 2011 by Sonja Hall

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