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The Yacht Ilona Capstan Table by DB Fletcher Design

"Each table is truly a one off item, a museum piece of furntiture," says David Fletcher of DB Fletcher Design his famous Capstan Table design that has been honed from years of expertise in the furniture design industry. Although he states on his website that Robert Jupe patented the first idea that sparked Fletcher's own interest in the majestic tables back in 1835, he states "Jupe’s tables could not store their own expansion leaves, were not always truly round, and were slow and laborious to operate." With that, Fletcher poured over the modifications and the Yacht Ilona Capstan Table, that can go from seating six up to twelve with the push of a button, was born.

Swiftly and Smoothly, DB Fletcher's Solid Wood, Round Capstan Table Can Expand From Six to Twelve Seats at the Push of a Button

Although only a few of these tables come to fruition every year due to the level of craftsmanship involved, the end result is a sight for sore eyes. Weighing in at approximately 220 kilos (or 485 lbs), the modular round table requires the delivery to be one shipment. Along with that, an expert installation technician from the UK must be there, upon arrival, to complete the Yacht Ilona table's assembly on site. Exclusivity is impliedm given there are no dealers, no showrooms, and no overseas agents in charge of selling.


Instead of trying to comprehend the logistical information housed under the smooth yet movable surface, the geometry of the Yacht Ilona merits a heavy mention. "Its intricacy changes, according to the species of timber used, as the table metamorphoses from small to large, and vice versa," their website states. To explain a bit better, check out the intricacy of the star-like design that appears in its large, pulled out version compared to the small, regular round. Six arrow-shaped leaves make up the first layer of the table, on top. Beneath it, there are two other layers and a construction that includes aluminum, stainless steel, and what seems like a living, contracting and expanding organism housed inside the solid wood table.

As the creators and sole suppliers of the Yacht Ilona and Fletcher Capstan Tables - and its sister design, the Rising & Furling table - DB Fletcher Design has perfected the art of high quality, expandable round tables. Besides designer David Fletcher's expertise in the specific field of technical table design, he also comes up with bespoke furnishings out of his UK studio, based in the region of Cumbria.
Posted April 4th, 2011 by Sonja Hall


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