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The Aquaspot Faucet by Inventum and WeLL Design

Dutch manufacturer Inventum says they have “over 100 years experience as hot water equipment manufacturer.” Granting some license for imperfect translation, the apparently unintentional omission of the article “a” may speak more truth than they know. The copy makes it sound as if they were the only manufacturer of apparati for heating water. Despite Inventum’s impressive pedigree, that’s certainly not the case. However, they are the only company I’m aware of to have devised an additional, adjustable, swiveling and telescoping spigot that produces boiling water on cue. Not that they did this alone; in fact, the Aquaspot spigot is the result of creative collaboration between Inventum, WeLL Design, and designer Mathis Heller.

Aquaspot Faucet by Mathis Heller, WeLL Design and Inventum.

The Temp. You Need at the Touch of a Finger

Just last week, Aquaspot garnered a prestigious iF Gold Award in Utrecht, NL. In view of such criteria as design, degree of innovation, sustainability, ergonomics, and safety, the judging committee must surely have admired Aquaspot’s “balance of pure geometrical lines and soft areas,” definitely took note of its “height adjustability for the different use of filling a cup or filling a pasta pot,” and certainly extolled its “IntelliProtect patented built-in security feature.”

The Aquaspot Faucet by Inventum and WeLL Design
The Aquaspot Faucet by Inventum and WeLL Design
The Aquaspot Faucet by Inventum and WeLL Design

This last perk—which addresses the importance of product safety as mentioned above—is sort of like a lock box for your boiling water. An LED indicator lets you know if you have the correct key (chosen and programmed by you ) for activation. Hence, the light stays dark and the water stays off for unauthorized users: houseguests who may be abusing their tea privileges; or young children who may not yet understand that boiling water is very, very hot. The feature lets you incorporate this slim, savvy, and immensely convenient faucet with more than a modicum of safety. Lastly, Aquaspot is not only safe for curious little hands and impertinent little fingers, it’s safe for the environment too as the on-demand electric apparatus is far more efficient than the conventional stovetop method for boiling.

Via MocoLoco.
Posted March 8th, 2011 by Joseph Starr


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