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The Light-room Conceptual Design by Studio Bram Geenen

It’s funny how often I run into people who are passionate about both architecture and design as well as the sport of cycling. If you’ve read my previous posts, you may already be shaking your finger at me for finding yet another way to bring this sport up in leisurely blog conversation with myself, but I swear this one rings true at heart.

The Light-room. Designed by Studio Bram Geenen.

Use the Light-room Design by Studio Bram Geenen to Create a Flawless Room That Weighs in at Merely 16.5 lbs

Studio Bram Geenen has recently designed a conceptual interior project entitled Light-room. All of the pieces are created to be of the featherweight category, shining as some of the lightest prototypes of all things furniture out there. “Lightness has a lot of advantages, for example reducing energy consumption during production and transport,” Studio Bram Geenen describes as reasons that take it to the very level that a super light road bicycle does when used for racing. Along with the ease of movement from point A to point B, light furnishings use less materials, naturally, but in well thought out designs, their durability is just as a resilient.

Shelving System, Seating
Seating, Carbon Chair, Shelving System
Seating, Carbon Chair, Shelving System
Shelving System, Carbon Chair, Seating

Using the best technology presently, each product in the conceptual design – that includes everything from a tall, angular shelf to a wispy looking chair - has been prototyped and is ready for production. When you add all of the Light-room products together, the result is an uncanny totally of 7.5kg, or 16.5 pounds.

If you’re no carbon fiber cycling nut, checking into the Light-room items by Studio Bram Geenen could be your way of giving back to the environment by taking a stand for quality materials and a more sustainable way to think about furnishing your space altogether.

Posted March 24th, 2011 by Sonja Hall

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