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The Pod Cot by Ubabub for Modern Babies

The only time I see baby furniture is when I walk by the NYC equivalent of baby price club on 7th avenue. Most of the furniture on display is cute, traditional and cute. Its one thing to have cute little clothes and cute little toys, but not every parent wants their home invaded by cuteness just because they have a child. Natasha and Daniel Dumais of Melbourne felt exactly this way while trying to find baby furniture to fit their modern taste. Instead of giving into the traditional idea of where a baby should sleep, or worse, putting the baby in danger, the couple decided to design their own.

Pod Cot. Designed by Ubabub for Modern Babies.

They named their company Ubabub, which sounds like a suitable upside down Australian word but I couldn't find any information on its origins. Ubabub focuses on eco-friendly, ultra safe, modern baby furniture that rethinks the way we contain children. The Pod Cot is structured like a cradle with rounded edges that are cocoon-like in shape. Instead of traditional bars to keep kids from climbing out, the Pod Cot has innovative clear acrylic sides with a star pattern made from cutouts that allow a view for both parents and baby. The acrylic is easy to clean and maintain, and can be taken out to covert the Pod into a really adorable junior bed. I like the addition of the acrylic for its safety and attitude towards containing a child. No longer is the baby behind bars, but instead in more of a friendly fun fish tank.

The Pod Cot by Ubabub for Modern Babies
The Pod Cot by Ubabub for Modern Babies
The Pod Cot by Ubabub for Modern Babies

The Pod Cot is eco-conscious in addition to aesthetically pleasing. The plywood shell is sourced from renewable plantations, and finished with non-toxic finishes. Ubabub states that all plastic and metal components have been selected for their recyclable properties, no further information on those materials is given. The mattress is hypoallergenic treated, anti-bacterial, anti-dust mites, anti-mould and anti-mildew, all concerns for both children and adults alike.
Posted February 24th, 2011 by Amanda Smith


  • Charm&Whimsy says:

    Another ingenius design for baby & child. Why not a cocoon like bed when the baby has just spent 9 months in another cocoon like environment?.The simple lines & acrylic panel give the piece an adult, sophisticated style while maintaining a safety feature all parents look for.

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