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A Colorful Genesi: The Modern Refrigerator by Alcide Po for Steel

Bored with stainless steel and lack of color in your space? Steel S.p.A. and designer Alcide Po must have understood what that felt like before they designed and introduced a range of cookers and hoods that features the contemporary design of the Genesi refrigerator.

Genesi. Designed by Alcide Po for Steel.

Splash in Some Matching Modern Kitchen Color with the Genesi Refrigerator by Alcide Po for Steel

"Their style and and flair compliments the whole atmosphere of the kitchen," says the product's description, adding that it brings "matching colors and design-led technology for today's family" into the space we use daily to congregate. By matching colors, Steel is referring to the options they offer to match the refrigerator - in its simple structure - to the other appliances in the Italian-inspired design of your dream cucina. Shown here in both lime green and yellow, the outward appearance of the refrigerator matches the high tech electronic function controls, double circulation fanning, and no-frost systems that reside within. You can feel confident in the aesthetic as well as its ability to perform knowing the Genesi received a high, A energy rating that compliments its intuitive character.

A Colorful Genesi: The Modern Refrigerator by Alcide Po for Steel

Diving into the nitty gritty, the Genesi refrigerator includes a big storage volume of 603 liters, an outside dispenser of ice and water, a humidity regulation system for particular perishables, shelves of tempered glass, special supports designed for maximum bottle storage, and an open door alarm. You'll also find an upper stainless steel compartment for storage or defrost of food and beverages. By matching what you wish - range cooker, refrigerator, and cooker hood - in the same of varying shades, the modern kitchen finds unison within your very modern family.
Posted February 28th, 2011 by Sonja Hall


  • Art2arch says:

    YES! LOVE IT! Finally the all stainless steel home kitchen can have some personality again! I USED to love stainless steel, but now I am SO over it.

  • Straw3930 says:


  • Cabinets color and flooring color both play vital role while we talking about refrigerator. My wife have passion to bring those type of cabinets which match with kitchen color. Even she brought white refrigerator which match with my kitchen counter tops and with flooring color.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love this modern kitchen style and that refrigerator color looking great. It is a best refrigerator collection. I want that refrigerator for my kitchen.

  • I loved this refrigerator. I like it color and designed very much, It make kitchen more beautiful and precious for me.
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