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Stay Breezy in the Stylish Zefiro Line by Scarabeo

Although a zephyr is technically a gentle breeze that comes from the west, sometimes the word is used to describe an idea that may have the same effect as, let’s say, “a breathe of fresh air”. When the elegance of a new line by Scarabeo called Zefiro, the bathroom comes to life with clean lines and a durable, beautiful profile. With this latest range by the notable Italian manufacturer, none other than winds of change are represented with its suspended or supported options for any restroom.

Zefiro. Designed by Scarabeo.

Bring in a Zefiro Bathroom Fixture by Scarabeo for the Perfect Storm of Fashion and Function

“Brought to life by a philosophy which fuses the two concepts of beauty and practicality,” the product description of Zefiro states, “it features soft and minimal shapes which nevertheless offer large capacities and top surface areas.” Thanks to their selection of a baker’s dozen, the Zefiro bidets, wall-mounted basins, supported basins, suspended or freestanding toilets, and cisterns come in many different sizes. From thick, straight-sided bidets that draw minimal attention to the clam-shaped sinks of various measurements, the vast assortment tackles symmetry as well as asymmetry.

Since 1974 Scarabeo has created many models of washbasins and accompanying wc and cistern designs that have enabled its growth as one of the best domestic and foreign manufacturers of sanitary fixtures. Their philosophy is “to make the washbasin the focal point of the bathroom, and to make every effort to come up with new ranges and models for an increasingly demanding market,” they state, finishing with their commitment “to concentrate on the quality and uniqueness of the products than on large quantities.”

Stay Breezy in the Stylish Zefiro Line by Scarabeo
Stay Breezy in the Stylish Zefiro Line by Scarabeo

My favorite of their line is the Zefiro 90/R which comes as a wall-mounted or supported basin that takes up 90 x 50 cm of space. Atop it’s one, protruding side you’ll see a flat surface with a tan or black and white marbled or graphic pattern. This area is useful not only for your bar of soap but also for its bold aesthetic that won’t battle with plain designs for the perfect angle of the basin. Instead, it takes the chic class of its own.

Posted February 17th, 2011 by Sonja Hall

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