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The Rockcoco Outdoor LED-Powered Chandelier for Fatboy

Some years ago, I had a friend who lived in a very small town in the Florida panhandle. There wasn’t much to do in said town—lots of miles to go for gas, food, or drink—so he and his friends made the best of it by having outdoor movie parties. This was nothing fancy: just an old-fashioned television and VCR set up on a picnic table in the yard, everything connected via one extra long extension cord running across the lawn like an enormous orange snake. But they didn’t sit on lawn chairs. These people believed in talking the entire living room outside: propped on the grass, there were sofas and wing chairs, a twelve-piece dining set, and even an antique brocade chaise. For mood lighting, they’d strung up some 1950s Christmas lights and a 1970s chrome floor lamp with three cascading globes. What they really needed was a weatherproof light, because whenever it threatened to rain, the lamp was the first item to be brought inside.

Weatherproof Lighting from the Dutch

They were more than a decade shy of being able to own Rockcoco, “the first outdoor-proof chandelier ever made!” Designed for Fatboy© by DeMakersVan and developed by Studio Kees, Rockcoco is a modern take on the baroque style of the 18th century, during the reign of Louis XV. Fatboy© explains the chandelier’s anachronistic charm: “It's not a time machine, but it is the finishing touch to your personal Versailles.”

Rockcoco chandelier by Demakersvan & Studio KEES for Fatboy

If you indulge in a sybaritic lifestyle, then Rockcoco is the crowning touch for your space. The clear chandelier, which is assembled by the end user, showcases “iconic red wiring.” Illuminated by LED, Rockcoco shines brightly: DeMakersVan proposes you hang it “on your husband’s oil platform”; and Studio Kees suggests you hang it “in a tree for a historical dinner” (not sure the Dutch know our husbands). Rockcoco retains the lavishness of kingly excess with its sinuous curves and fluted shades, but it’s “not just frivolous and merely modish.” Due to its indoor/outdoor feature, it will resist the forces of nature—even while it looks as bejeweled and bedazzled as a dandy royal of yesteryear.
Posted January 1st, 2011 by Alicita Rodriguez


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    Where can I buy this in the US?

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