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Panel your Power with Concrete: The Litracon pXL by Áron Losonczi

I'm finding it fascinating that more architects are dabbling in the product and furniture design. Call it a housing crisis effect, a saturated field, or perhaps just coincidence. However you figure, product and furniture design is benefiting from their expertise in structurally-sound angled seating and innovative materials designed for architectural projects by those who know best.

Litracon pXL. Designed by Áron Losonczi.

A new version of illuminated concrete panels

A Hungarian man named Áron Losonczi falls into this category. As a trained architect, he designed a concrete wall he calls Litracon pXL®. Not unknown to the market of material design, the Litracon pXL follows the Litracon® predecessor by the same designer that is a concrete panel constructed with optical fibers for light transmission. Since the technology used in the original panel gets expensive, he's developed the Litrcaon pXL® version as a more affordable option.

Panel your Power with Concrete: The Litracon pXL by Áron Losonczi
Litracon pXL by Áron Losonczi

Made using reinforced concrete panels and a specially formed and patented plastic unit, the Litracon pXL® has the same effect. Stand behind it and you'll see a silhouette or get creative with different patterns and colorful logo designs. However you figure, the naturally-pixelated surface can cover an entire side of a building or can be small and customized. According to the Litracon website, you can take Losonczi's technology to a entirely different place too, if you like, since panels can contain 3-D images that include everything from folded or curved forms to hollowed out bodies.

The panels are either 40 mm thick (with a maximum size of 1200 x 600m) or 60 mm thick (with a maximum size of 3600 x 1200mm).
Allowing you to be as creative as you like, the reinforced, prefabricated Litracon pXL panels can nourish the creative chord within their clients with one-of-a-kind designs for businesses, public statues, and illuminated street furniture.
Posted November 5th, 2010 by Sonja Hall


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